3rd party events for today

Type Title Start ETA
TalkTalk Outage       Closed Some customers in the Morpeth area are experiencing a total loss of service::WO0000000030693         Ref:INC13078270 4 hours ago
Today 16:08:08
16½ minutes ago
Today 20:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Closed Data customers at Maryhill on card 0/1 experiencing loss of service::WO0000000030578         Ref:INC13078012 6¾ hours ago
Today 13:27:13
2¼ hours ago
Today 18:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Assumed Closed A number of customers are Gedling exchange are experiencing a loss of service.::WO0000000030686         Ref:INC13078064 19¼ hours ago
Today 00:58:11
9¼ hours ago
Today 11:00:00