08 Sep 2017 01:00:00
[Broadband] Packet loss to some destinations (via LONAP peering exchange) - Closed
Posted: 07 Sep 2017 23:04:00
Packet loss has been noted to some destinations, routed via LONAP. Our engineers are currently investigating and attempting to work around the loss being observed.
07 Sep 2017 23:23:52
We have disabled all of our LONAP ports for the moment - this reduces our capacity somewhat, but at this time of day the impact to customers is low. We've seen unconfirmed reports that there is some sort of problem with the LONAP peering network, we are still investigating ourselves. (LONAP is a peering exchange in London which connects up lots of ISPs and large internet companies, it's one of the main ways we connect to the rest of the Internet).
07 Sep 2017 23:24:21
LONAP engineers are looking in to this.
07 Sep 2017 23:31:09
We are now not seeing packet loss on the LONAP network - we'll enable our sessions after getting an 'all-clear' update from LONAP staff.
07 Sep 2017 23:39:44
Packet loss on the LONAP network has returned, we still have our sessions down, we're still waiting for the all-clear from LONAP before we enable our sessions again. Customers are on the whole, unaffected by this. There are reports of high latency spikes to certain places, which may or may not be related to what is happening with LONAP at the moment.
08 Sep 2017 06:57:44
We have re-enabled our LONAP sessions.
Resolution The LONAP peering exchange confirm that they had some sort of network problem which was resolved at around 1AM. It's unconfirmed, but the problem looks to be related to some sort of network loop.
Broadband Users Affected 100%
Started 07 Sep 2017 22:42:00 by AA Staff
Closed 08 Sep 2017 01:00:00
Previously expected 08 Sep 2017 03:01:52 (Last Estimated Resolution Time from AAISP)