CANCELLED. AT RISK: Scheduled power outage in one of our London datacentres
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Sep 06, 12:01 AM (16¼ days ago)
Aug 21, 10:00 PM (1 month ago)
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    16¼ days ago by Andrew

    One of our London datacentres is planning maintenance on the power feeds that supply one of our racks. This work involves transferring our power feeds to new new electrical infrastructure and will mean we lose one of our power feeds at a time whilst they do that.

    We have two power feeds and they will be moved over one at a time. There should be no customer impact as most of our equipment use both power feeds, but this is a period of "at risk".

    The work will happen during Sunday 6th September.

    1 month ago by Andrew

    This work was planned before the huge power outage on 18th August happened. This planned work by the datacentre may or may not happen. We're awaiting updates from the datacentre.

    1 month ago by Andrew

    CANCELLED: Datacentre say: Due to the power outage encountered at LD8 on Tuesday 18th August, we migrated all remaining customer supplies on to the new infrastructure. As this task has now been completed, the CMR is no longer required and was therefore cancelled.

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