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16 Jul
15 Jul 10:41:58
We are reworking the SMS/twitter/email line up/down notifications and hope to have the new system launched later this week. There may be slightly different wording of the messages.
15 Jul 18:06:51
We're looking to do this in stages. i.e. switch over emails then texts then tweets or something like that. So please bear with us. Ideally the changes should not lose any messages.
17 Jul 09:21:13
We have switched over to the new system - the most noticable change is that SMS and Tweets are now independant. You can have either or both if you require - settings are on the control pages. SMS still has a back off if you have lots of line flaps, but tweets and emails do not delay. Do let us have any feedback on the new system.
Started 16 Jul
Previously expected 20 Jul