TalkTalk Outages currently open

Type Title Start ETA
TalkTalk Outage       Open Openreach Fibre Break - Rhyl exchange - Some customers are experiencing Total Loss of Service.::WO0000000030843         Ref:INC13077599 1 day ago
Yesterday 15:49:00
In 1¾ days
Monday 16:45:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Inbound Service report within the Portal is returning an error::WO0000000030833         Ref:INC13076988 1½ days ago
Yesterday 07:34:43
In 1½ days
Monday 12:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open The Data Service functionality within the portal Application is unavailable::WO0000000030616         Ref:INC13072555 7½ days ago
13 Jul 03:21:36
In 1¾ days
Monday 17:00:00