TalkTalk Outages currently open

Type Title Start ETA
TalkTalk Outage       Open Openreach LAN - Nuneaton exchange - Some customers are experiencing a total loss of service::WO0000000039404         Ref:INC13227472 3¼ days ago
5 Dec 13:01:01
In 1¼ days
Tuesday 09:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open A number of users using the IPVPN platform and Interconnects at Telehouse Access Routers may experience intermittent packet loss.::WO0000000038981         Ref:INC13224790 6¼ days ago
2 Dec 12:27:36
In 15¼ hours
Tomorrow 13:15:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Openreach are currently experiencing an incident with a fibre breakdown::WO0000000038669         Ref:INC13224195 8¼ days ago
30 Nov 13:15:54
In 1 month
10 Jan 2020 15:30:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Openreach LAN - Beauchief exchange - Some customers may be experiencing loss of voice and data service.::WO0000000038203         Ref:INC13212548 23 days ago
15 Nov 21:54:51
In 12 hours
Tomorrow 10:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Some users are facing authentication issues when placing orders via API or Portal::WO0000000029950         Ref:INC12773665 5 months ago
5 Jul 11:15:08
In 1¾ days
Tuesday 17:00:00