TalkTalk Outages currently open

Type Title Start ETA
TalkTalk Outage       Closed Brief Flaps observed between Hornchurch and Holburn causing Total loss of service.::WO0000000047738         Ref:INC13341368 1¼ hours ago
Yesterday 23:08:33
In 1¼ hours
Today 01:50:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open A number of Broadband and customers connected to Basford exchange are experiencing a loss of service.::WO0000000047946         Ref:INC13339217 3¾ days ago
28 May 05:47:49
In 9¼ hours
Today 10:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Check Service availability failures for existing customer journey in Production failuers::WO0000000047932         Ref:INC13332915 4½ days ago
27 May 09:54:05
In 13¼ hours
Today 14:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open All users accessing the Supportal application are receiving errors when trying to view the authentication logs.::WO0000000047916         Ref:INC13337537 5¾ days ago
26 May 04:05:52
In 13¾ hours
Today 14:25:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Porting Function is not porting all numbers.::WO0000000047335         Ref:INC13335459 10¼ days ago
21 May 13:13:24
In 17¼ hours
Today 18:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Closed Openreach LAN - Some customers at Hedingham exchange may be experiencing a loss of their data services.::WO0000000047317         Ref:INC13334412 11½ days ago
20 May 10:24:48
In 16¼ hours
Today 17:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open A number of NGVS customers are experiencing a Total Loss Of Service::WO0000000046957         Ref:INC13329872 18 days ago
13 May 21:31:04
In 9¼ hours
Today 10:00:00