TalkTalk Outages currently open

Type Title Start ETA
TalkTalk Outage       Open Openreach LAN - Penicuik exchange - Some Broadband customers are experiencing a loss of service.::WO0000000054854         Ref:INC13627606 13¾ hours ago
Yesterday 19:37:20
In 28 minutes
Today 10:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Some circuits with Static IP are unable to authenticate::WO0000000054337         Ref:INC13602049 1¾ days ago
Sunday 13:13:43
In 1¼ hours
Today 11:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Latency and Intermittent connectivity issues when accessing the the GUI.::WO0000000054148         Ref:INC13524083 10½ days ago
11 Sep 15:35:49
In 5 hours
Today 14:35:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Moving quotes back into MyNet are failing::WO0000000054103         Ref:INC13481476 14½ days ago
7 Sep 17:15:04
In 7¼ hours
Today 16:55:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Fixed time ports are not completing on the requested time and date::WO0000000053816         Ref:INC13417679 20½ days ago
1 Sep 17:42:45
In 6¼ hours
Today 16:00:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Some NGA migrations are stuck at Point Of No Return::WO0000000052925         Ref:INC13396684 1 month ago
18 Aug 12:12:54
In 5 hours
Today 14:40:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open NGA orders are being rejected when upgrading to Gfast::WO0000000050793         Ref:INC13375177 2 months ago
17 Jul 17:22:48
In 4 hours
Today 13:35:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open Orders appear to be stuck in a committed state for extended period of time with Openreach::WO0000000050639         Ref:INC13367738 2½ months ago
7 Jul 16:49:54
In 3 hours
Today 12:35:00
TalkTalk Outage       Open LLU & NGA Commands stuck in issued on the Openreach portal.::WO0000000049333         Ref:INC13355451 3 months ago
19 Jun 09:21:25
In 1 day
Tomorrow 11:20:00