20 Jun 10:29:05
17 Jun 15:24:16
We've seen very slight packet loss on a number of TalkTalk connected lines this week in the evenings. This looks to be congestion, it's may show up on our CQM graphs as a few pixels of red at the top of the graph between 7pm and midnight. We have an incident open with TalkTalk. We moved traffic to our Telehouse interconnect on Friday afternoon and Friday evening looked to be better. This may mean that th econgestion is related to TalkTalk in Harbour Exchange, but it's a little too early to tell at the moment. We are monitoring this and will update again after the weekend.
19 Jun 16:49:34

TalkTalk did some work on the Telehouse side of our interconnect on Friday as follows:

"The device AA connect into is a chassis with multiple cards and interfaces creating a virtual switch. The physical interface AA plugged into was changed to another physical interface. We suspect this interface to be faulty as when swapped to another it looks to have resolved the packet loss."

We will be testing both of our interconnects individually over the next couple of days.

20 Jun 10:29:05
TalkTalk are doing some work on our Harbour Exchange side today. Much like the work they did on the Telehouse side, they are moving our port. This will not affect customers though.
Started 14 Jun 15:00:00
Update was expected 20 Jun 13:00:00

3 Jun 17:28:30
3 Jun 17:06:27
Something definitely not looking right, seems to be intermittent and impacting Internet access.
3 Jun 17:10:34
Looks like a denial of service attack of some sort.
3 Jun 17:17:45
Looks like may be more widespread than just us.
3 Jun 17:23:17
Definitely a denial of service attack, impacted some routers and one of the LNSs. Some graphs lost.
Resolution Target isolated for now.
Started 3 Jun 16:59:05
Closed 3 Jun 17:28:30

4 Jun 15:26:18
31 May 17:42:21
We are upgrading our accounts system hardware this Sunday, the 4th of June. The accounts system and ordering will be unavailable for a period of time. We have a 4 hour window within which we expect to have completed the work, and do not expect the work to take the whole 4 hours. We have a set of prerequisite tests which we need to complete beforehand, and we will back out of the work and reschedule it if needed.
4 Jun 10:00:46
Work is starting, the web pages for accounts system, and our ordering system will be off line for a while.
4 Jun 13:30:54
The accounts pages are accessible again, but ordering is still off line.
4 Jun 14:03:00
Apologies for the overrun - ordering still not up.
4 Jun 14:38:16
This is still on-going, stuck on one silly bit of config not playing. Sorry for the delay.
Resolution The ordering systems are now working. We will continue to monitor things during the day.
Started 4 Jun 10:00:00
Closed 4 Jun 15:26:18
Previously expected 4 Jun 14:00:00

2 Jun 14:38:28
30 May 15:11:00
We have been advised of essential scheduled carrier maintenance to upgrade core infrastructure. The windows are as follows; Window 1 Service Impact Start Time: 2/6/2017 02:00 Service Impact End Time: 2/6/2017 04:30 Impact Time Expected: 30 minutes Throughout the duration of this window, subscribers may see disruption of up to 30 minutes to their 3G/4G data services in the following areas: Kensington, Hampstead, Paddington, Hammersmith, Westminster, Battersea Window 2 Service Impact Start Time: 8/6/2017 01:00 Service Impact End Time: 8/6/2017 03:30 Impact Time Expected: 2 hours, 30 minutes Throughout the duration of this window, subscribers may see disruption of up to 30 minutes to their 3G/4G data services in the following areas: Camden, West Berkshire, City of London, Islington, Lambeth, Southwark, Westminster If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on 03333 400 999.
Started 2 Jun 02:00:00
Closed 2 Jun 14:38:28
Previously expected 8 Jun 03:30:00 (Last Estimated Resolution Time from Carrier)

8 Jun 10:49:27
7 Jun 10:33:00
We are seeing some customers who are still down following a blip within TalkTalk. We currently have no root cause but are investigating.
7 Jun 11:13:21
A small number of lines are still down, however most have now resumed service. We are still communicating with TalkTalk so we can restore service for all affected lines.
7 Jun 11:23:02
Looks like we're seeing another blip affecting many more customers this time. We are still speaking to TalkTalk to determine the cause of this.
7 Jun 11:59:53

TalkTalk have raised an incident with teh following information:

"We have received reports from a number of B2B customers (Wholesale ADSL) who are experiencing a loss of their Broadband services. The impact is believed to approximately 600 lines across 4 or 5 partners. All of the impacted customers would appear to route via Harbour Exchange. Our NOC have completed initial investigations and have passed this to our IP operations team to progress. "

As a result, we'll move TalkTalk traffic away from the Harbour Exchange datacentre to see if it helps. This move will be seamless and will not affect other customers.

7 Jun 12:05:38
Our TalkTalk traffic has now been moved away from HEX89, if There are still a small number of customers offline, if they reboot their router/modem that may force a re-connection and a successful login.
7 Jun 12:37:29
At 12:29 we saw around 80 lines drop, most of these are back online as of 12:37 though. The incident is still open with TalkTalk engineers.
7 Jun 13:19:57
TalkTalk are really not having a good day. We're now seeing packetloss on lines as well as a few more drops. We're going to bring the HEX89 interconnect back up in case that is in any way related, we're also chasing TT on this.
7 Jun 14:37:21
This is still an open incident with TalkTalk, it is affecting other ISPs using TalkTalk as their backhaul. We have chased TalkTalk for an update.
7 Jun 15:37:21

Update from TalkTalk: "Network support have advised that service has been partially restored. Currently Network Support are continuing to re-balance traffic between both LTS’s (HEX & THN). This work is currently being completed manually by our Network support team who ideally need access to RadTools to enable them to balance traffic more efficiently. We are currently however experiencing an outage of RadTools which is being managed under incident 10007687. We will continue to provide updates on the progress as soon as available."

Probably as a result, we are still seeing low levels of packetloss on some TalkTalk lines.

7 Jun 16:49:12
It's looking like the low levels of packetloss stopped at 16:10. Things are looking better.
8 Jun 08:31:43
There are a handful of customers that are still offline, we have sent the list of these circuits to TalkTalk to investigate.
8 Jun 10:26:02

Update from TalkTalk: "We have received reports from a number of B2B customers (Wholesale ADSL & FTTC) who are experiencing authentication issues with their Broadband services. The impact is believed to approximately 100 lines across 2 partners. All of the impacted customers would appear to route via Harbour Exchange. Our NOC have completed initial investigations and have passed this to our Network support team to progress."

We have actaully already taken down our Harbour Exchange interconnect but this has not helped.

8 Jun 10:49:27
Over half of these remaining affected lines logged back in at 2017-06-08 10:38
8 Jun 11:22:39
The remaining customers offline should try rebooting their router/modem and if still not online then please contact Support.

From TalkTalk: The root cause of this issue is believed to have been caused by a service request which involved 3 network cards being installed in associated equipment at Harbour exchange. This caused BGP issues on card (10/1). To resolve this Network Support shut down card (10/1) but this did not resolve all issues. This was then raised this to Ericsson who recommended carrying out an XCRP switchover on the LTS. Once the switchover was carried out all subscribers connections dropped on the LTS and the majority switched over to the TeleHouse North LTS. Network support then attempted to rebalance the traffic across both LTS platform however were not able to due to an ongoing system incident impacting Radius Tools. Network support instead added 2 new 10G circuits to the LTS platform to relieve the congestion and resolve any impact. As no further issues have been identified this incident will now be closed and any further RCA investigation will be carried out by problem management.

Regarding the problem with a few circuits not able to establish PPP. the report from TalkTalk is as follows: Network support have advised that they have removed HEX (harbour exchange) from the radius to restore service until a permanent fix can be identified. Network support are liaising with Ericsson in regards to this and investigations are ongoing.

Broadband Users Affected 0.20%
Started 7 Jun 10:05:00
Closed 8 Jun 10:49:27

Wednesday 02:00:00
15 Jun 15:38:56
We have been advised of essential scheduled partner maintenance to upgrade core infrastructure. The window is as follows; Service Impact Start Time: 28/6/2017 02:00 Service Impact End Time: 28/6/2017 04:30 Impact Time Expected: 30 minutes Throughout the duration of this window, customers may see disruption of up to 30 minutes to their 3G/4G data services in the following areas: Ilford, Barking, Dagenham, Woolwich Thamesmead, Bexleyheath, East Ham, West Ham, Poplar, Stepney, Bow, Greenwich Deptford, Lewisham and surrounding areas. If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on 03333 400 999.
Planned start Wednesday 02:00:00 by Carrier
Expected close Wednesday 04:30:00 (Estimated Resolution Time from Carrier)

12 Jun 10:01:38
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] - Issues with outbound email - Open
1 Jun 10:27:24
One of the key IP reputation services appears to have blacklisted both of our outgoing servers which is causing issues for some email customers. We have noticed this occurring for any emails destined for icloud.com or mac.com email addresses, however some other servers may be affected. We have contacted the service in question requesting that we are unblocked. We will update this status page as any updates become available.
1 Jun 11:01:17
We have adjusted our outgoing servers to use different IPs to circumvent the block. We would now suggest that mail customers attempt to resend any failed messages.
12 Jun 09:41:39
We are seeing this again unfortunately. We are investigating the cause of this, however we may have to wait for any blocks to expire.
12 Jun 10:01:38
We've applied a work around for the time being and sending email should be fine. We'll investigate the cause of why we were blocked in the first place and why our normal methods for blocking junk email in the first place did not work this time.
Started 1 Jun 06:55:00 by AA Staff

27 Mar 09:30:00
19 Feb 18:35:15
We have seen some cases with degraded performance on some TT lines, and we are investigating. Not a lot to go on yet, but be assured we are working on this and engaging the engineers within TT to address this.
21 Feb 10:13:20

We have completed further tests and we are seeing congestion manifesting itself as slow throughput at peak times (evenings and weekends) on VDSL (FTTC) lines that connect to us through a certain Talk Talk LAC.

This has been reported to senior TalkTalk staff.

To explain further; VDSL circuits are routed from TalkTalk to us via two LACs. We are seeing slow thoughput at peak times on one LAC and not the other.

27 Feb 11:08:58
Very often with congestion it is easy to find the network port or system that is overloaded but so far, sadly, we've not found the cause. A&A staff and customers and TalkTalk network engineers have done a lot of checks and tests on various bits of the backhaul network but we are finding it difficult to locate the cause of the slow throughput. We are all still working on this and will update again tomorrow.
27 Feb 13:31:39
We've been in discussions with other TalkTalk wholesalers who have also reported the same problem to TalkTalk. There does seem to be more of a general problem within the TalkTalk network.
27 Feb 13:32:12
We have had an update from TalkTalk saying that based on multiple reports from ISPs that they are investigating further.
27 Feb 23:21:21
Further tests this evening by A&A staff shows that the throughput is not relating to a specific LAC, but that it looks like something in TalkTalk is limiting single TCP sessions to 7-9M max during peak times. Running single iperf tests results in 7-9M, but running ten at the same time can fill a 70M circuit. We've passed these findings on to TalkTalk.
28 Feb 09:29:56
As expected the same iperf throughput tests are working fine this morning. TT are shaping at peak times. We are pursuing this with senior TalkTalk staff.
28 Feb 11:27:45
TalkTalk are investigating. They have stated that circuits should not be rate limited and that they are not intentionally rate limiting. They are still investigating the cause.
28 Feb 13:14:52
Update from TalkTalk: Investigations are currently underway with our NOC team who are liaising with Juniper to determine the root cause of this incident.
1 Mar 16:38:54
TalkTalk are able to reproduce the throughput problem and investigations are still on going.
2 Mar 16:51:12
Some customers did see better throughput on Wednesday evening, but not everyone. We've done some further testing with TalkTalk today and they continue to work on this.
2 Mar 22:42:27
We've been in touch with the TalkTalk Network team this evening and have been performing further tests (see https://aastatus.net/2363 ). Investigations are still ongoing, but the work this evening has given a slight clue.
3 Mar 14:24:48
During tests yesterday evening we saw slow throughput when using the Telehouse interconnect and fast (normal) throughput over Harbour Exchange interconnect. Therefore, this morning, we disabled our Telehouse North interconnect. We will carry on running tests over the weekend and we welcome customers to do the same. We are expecting throughput to but fast for everyone. We will then liaise with TalkTalk engineers regarding this on Monday.
6 Mar 15:39:33

Tests over the weekend suggest that speeds are good when we only use our Harbour Exchange interconnect.

TalkTalk are moving the interconnect we have at Telehouse to a different port at their side so as to rule out a possible hardware fault.

6 Mar 16:38:28
TalkTalk have moved our THN port and we will be re-testing this evening. This may cause some TalkTalk customers to experience slow (single thread) downloads this evening. See: https://aastatus.net/2364 for the planned work notice.
6 Mar 21:39:55
The testing has been completed, and sadly we still see slow speeds when using the THN interconnect. We are now back to using the Harbour Exchange interconnect where we are seeing fast speeds as usual.
8 Mar 12:30:25
Further testing happening today: Thursday evening https://aastatus.net/2366 This is to try and help narrow down where the problem is occurring.
9 Mar 23:23:13
We've been testing, tis evening, this time with some more customers, so thank you to those who have been assisting. (We'd welcome more customers to be involved - you just need to run an iperf server on IPv4 or IPv6 and let one of our IPs through your firewall - contact Andrew if you're interested). We'll be passing the results on to TalkTalk, and the investigation continues.
10 Mar 15:13:43
Last night we saw some line slow and some line fast, so having extra lines to test against should help in figuring out why this is the case. Quite a few customers have set up iperf server for us and we are now testing 20+ lines. (Still happy to add more). Speed tests are being run three times an hour and we'll collate the results after the weekend and will report back to TalkTalk the findings.
11 Mar 20:10:21
13 Mar 15:22:43

We now have samples of lines which are affected by the slow throughput and those that are not.

Since 9pm Sunday we are using the Harbour Exchange interconnect in to TalkTalk and so all customers should be seeing fast speeds.

This is still being investigated by us and TalkTalk staff. We may do some more testing in the evenings this week and we are continuing to run iperf tests against the customers who have contacted us.
14 Mar 15:59:18

TalkTalk are doing some work this evening and will be reporting back to us tomorrow. We are also going to be carrying out some tests ourselves this evening too.

Our tests will require us to move traffic over to the Telehouse interconnect, which may mean some customers will see slow (single thread) download speeds at times. This will be between 9pm and 11pm

14 Mar 16:45:49
This is from the weekend:

17 Mar 10:42:28
We've stopped the iperf testing for the time being. We will start it back up again once we or TalkTalk have made changes that require testing to see if things are better or not, but at the moment there is no need for the testing as all customers should be seeing fast speeds due to the Telehouse interconnect not being in use. Customers who would like quota top-ups, please do email in.
17 Mar 18:10:41
To help with the investigations, we're also asking for customers with BT connected FTTC/VDSL lines to run iperf so we can test against them too - details on https://support.aa.net.uk/TTiperf Thank you!
20 Mar 12:54:02
Thanks to those who have set up iperf for us to test against. We ran some tests over the weekend whilst swapping back to the Telehouse interconnect, and tested BT and TT circuits for comparison. Results are that around half the TT lines slowed down but the BT circuits were unaffected.

TalkTalk are arranging some further tests to be done with us which will happen Monday or Tuesday evening this week.

22 Mar 09:37:30
We have scheduled testing of our Telehouse interlink with TalkTalk staff for this Thursday evening. This will not affect customers in any way.
22 Mar 09:44:09
In addition to the interconnect testing on Thursday mentioned above, TalkTalk have also asked us to retest DSL circuits to see if they are still slow. We will perform these tests this tonnight, Wednesday evening.

TT have confirmed that they have made a configuration change on the switch at their end in Telehouse - this is the reason for the speed testing this evening.

22 Mar 12:06:50
We'll be running iperf3 tests against our TT and BT volunteers this evening, very 15 minutes from 4pm through to midnight.
22 Mar 17:40:20
We'll be changing over to the Telehouse interconnect between 8pm and 9pm this evening for testing.
23 Mar 10:36:06

Here are the results from last night:

And BT Circuits:

Some of the results are rather up and down, but these lines are in use by customers so we would expect some fluctuations, but it's clear that a number of lines are unaffected and a number are affected.

Here's the interesting part. Since this problem started we have rolled out some extra logging on to our LNSs, this has taken some time as we only update one a day. However, we are now logging the IP address used at our side of L2TP tunnels from TalkTalk. We have eight live LNSs and each one has 16 IP addresses that are used. With this logging we've identified that circuits connecting over tunnels on 'odd' IPs are fast, whilst those on tunnels on 'even' IPs are slow. This points to a LAG issue within TalkTalk, which is what we have suspected from the start but this data should hopefully help TalkTalk with their investigations.

23 Mar 16:27:28
As mentioned above, we have scheduled testing of our Telehouse interlink with TalkTalk staff for this evening. This will not affect customers in any way.
23 Mar 22:28:53

We have been testing the Telehouse interconnect this evening with TalkTalk engineers. This involved a ~80 minute conference call and setting up a very simple test of a server our side plugged in to the switch which is connected to our 10G interconnect, and running iperf3 tests against a laptop on the TalkTalk side.

The test has highlighted a problem at the TalkTalk end with the connection between two of their switches. When plugged in to the second switch we got about 300Mbit/s, but when their laptop was in the switch directly connected to our interconnect we got near full speed or around 900Mb/s.

This has hopefully given them a big clue and they will now involve the switch vendor for further investigations.

23 Mar 23:02:34
TalkTalk have just called us back and have asked us to retest speeds on broadband circuits. We're moving traffic over to the Telehouse interconnect and will test....
23 Mar 23:07:31
Initial reports show that speeds are back to normal! Hooray! We've asked TalkTalk for more details and if this is a temporary or permanent fix.
24 Mar 09:22:13

Results from last night when we changed over to test the Telehouse interlink:

This shows that unlike the previous times, when we changed over to use the Telehouse interconnect at 11PM speeds did not drop.

We will perform hourly iperf tests over the weekend to be sure that this has been fixed.

We're still awaiting details from TalkTalk as to what the fix was and if it is a temporary or permanent fix.

24 Mar 16:40:24
We are running on the Telehouse interconnect and are running hourly iperf3 tests against a number of our customers over the weekend. This will tell us if the speed issues are fixed.
27 Mar 09:37:12

Speed tests against customers over the weekend do not show the peak time slow downs, this confrims that what TalkTalk did on Thursday night has fixed the problem. We are still awaiting the report from TalkTalk regarding this incident.

The graph above shows iperf3 speed test results taken once an hour over the weekend against nearly 30 customers. Although some are a bit spiky we are no longer seeing the drastic reduction in speeds at peak time. The spikyness is due to the lines being used as normal by the customers and so is expected.

28 Mar 10:52:25
We're expecting the report from TalkTalk at the end of this week or early next week (w/b 2017-04-03).
10 Apr 16:43:03
We've not yet had the report from TalkTalk, but we do expect it soon...
4 May 09:16:33
We've had an update saying: "The trigger & root cause of this problem is still un-explained; however investigations are continuing between our IP Operation engineers and vendor".

This testing is planned for 16th May.

Resolution From TT: Planned work took place on the 16th May which appears to have been a success. IP Ops engineers swapped the FPC 5 and a 10 gig module on the ldn-vc1.thn device They also performed a full reload to the entire virtual chassis (as planned). This appears to have resolved the slow speed issues seen by the iperf testing onsite. Prior to this IP ops were seeing consistent slow speeds with egress traffic sourced from FPC5 to any other FPC; therefore they are confident that this has now been fixed. IP Ops have moved A&A's port back to FPC 5 on LDN-vc1.thn.
Started 18 Feb
Closed 27 Mar 09:30:00
Cause TT

17 May 12:00:00
26 Apr 11:01:07
We have noticed packetloss between 8pm and 10pm on Tuesday (25th April) evening on a small number of TalkTalk connected lines. This may be related to TalkTalk maintenance. We will review this again tomorrow.
26 Apr 16:41:43
We are seeing packet loss this afternoon on some of these lines too. We are contacting TalkTalk.
26 Apr 16:44:23
26 Apr 17:58:06
We have moved TalkTalk traffic over to our Harbour Exchange interconnect to see if this makes a difference or not to the packet loss that we are seeing...
26 Apr 20:50:41
Moving the traffic made no difference. We've had calls with TalkTalk and they have opened an incident and are investigating further.
26 Apr 20:55:14
The pattern that we are seeing relates to which LAC TT are using to send traffic over to us. TT use two LACs at their end, and lines via one have loss whilst lines via the other have no loss.
26 Apr 21:32:30
Another example, showing the loss this evening:

26 Apr 22:26:50
TalkTalk have updated us with: "An issue has been reported that some Partners are currently experiencing quality of service issues, such as slow speed and package (SIC) loss, with their Broadband service. From initial investigations the NOC engineers have identified congestion to the core network connecting to Telehouse North as being the possible cause. This is impacting Partners across the network and not specific to one region, and the impacted volume cannot be determine at present. Preliminary investigations are underway with our NOC and Network Support engineers to determine the root cause of this network incident. At this stage we are unable to issue an ERT until the engineers have completed further diagnostics."
28 Apr 09:43:43
Despite Talktalk thinking they had fixed this we are still seeing packetloss on these circuits between 8pm and 10pm. It's not as much packetloss as we saw on Wednesday evening, but loss nonetheless. This has been reported back to TalkTalk.
4 May 15:42:04
We are now blocking the two affected Talkalk LACs on new connections, eg a PPP re-connect. This means that it will take a bit longer for a line to re-connect (depending upon the broadband router perhaps a minute or two).

This does mean that lines will not be on the LACs which have evening packetloss. We hope not to have to keep this blocking in place for very long as we hope TalkTalk fix this soon.

5 May 16:48:13
We've decided to not block the LACs that are showing packetloss as it was causing connection problems for a few customers. We have had a telephone call with TalkTalk today, and this issue is being escalated with TalkTalk.
5 May 19:47:37
We've had this update from TalkTalk today:

"I have had confirmation from our NOC that following further investigations by our IP Operations team an potential issue has been identified on our LTS (processes running higher than normal). After working with our vendor it has been recommended a card switch-over should resolve this.

This has been scheduled for 16th May. We will post further details next week.

8 May 09:26:21
Planned work has been scheduled for 16th May for this, details and updates of this work is on https://aastatus.net/2386
5 Jun 11:49:24
The planned work took place on the 16th May which appears to have been a success.
Broadband Users Affected 20%
Started 26 Apr 10:00:00
Closed 17 May 12:00:00

2 Jun 16:44:00
2 Jun 12:48:45
We have had several customers notify us that they've having connectivity issues in the Cambridge area, all FTTC customers so far, where TCP packets larger than 1300 bytes appear to be dropped. ICMP appears unaffected.
We are currently in the process of reporting this to BT and will post further updates as they become available.
2 Jun 13:08:24
Proactive have raised a fault, AF-AR-OP-3774655 This has also been discovered to affect FTTP customers, which makes sense as they use the same backbone infrastructure as the FTTC customers.
2 Jun 13:35:22
Several customers are reporting that their lines are now performing as expected after restarting their PPP session, so it may be worth restarting your PPP session and letting us know what happens when you try that.
We're still awaiting an update from proactive.
Resolution We have been advised by BT that a link between Milton Keynes and Peterborough was erroring, and was taken out of service to resolve the issue earlier today.
Broadband Users Affected 0.20%
Started 2 Jun 11:47:00
Closed 2 Jun 16:44:00
Cause BT

2 Jun 12:15:10
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] - DNS issues - Closed
2 Jun 11:55:34
We are currently experiencing an issue with an authoritative nameserver which is resulting in customers being unable to resolve webpages. We are currently investigating and hope to have a fix very shortly.
2 Jun 12:15:35
The authoritative DNS server has now been fixed.
Started 2 Jun 11:30:00
Closed 2 Jun 12:15:10

1 Jun 14:39:11
1 Jun 14:44:53

This month customers may have seen unfamiliar attachments on their invoices.

One is an HTML attachment which is a form, and generally somewhat useless. You can ignore this.

The other is a signature.pgp, which is the separate PGP signature as per PGP/MIME email formatting. If you have PGP software on your email system this can be used to check the validity of the email.

The reason for this appears to be down to an issue with defaults after email changes recently. We have now changed all accounts not to send HTML or the separate PGP attachment.

If you would now like emails in PGP/MIME format, please do edit the settings on the accounts page to re-enable this. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please note that in all cases the email included the plain text of the invoice, and this is the formal tax invoice. Being unable to open an attachment does not change this, and the invoice is still to be paid. Sorry if this sounds obvious or condescending, you would be surprised at the comments we sometimes get.

Started 1 Jun
Closed 1 Jun 14:39:11

31 May 17:40:36
17 May 11:22:27
We have reduced numbers of staff in the office today due some being taken on a tour of a BT exchange & metro node.
Resolution All affected staff members are now back in service, and proven to be operational.
Started 17 May 09:00:00
Cause BT