Yesterday 08:00:00
Posted: Thursday 16:20:39
Our carrier, AQL, will be performing emergency work that may affect Data SIM services. Start Time: 20:00 19/07/2018 End Time: 21:00 19/07/2018 Expected Downtime: None Services: MVNO Risk: Low
Started Thursday 20:00:00
Closed Yesterday 08:00:00
Previously expected Thursday 21:00:00

17 Jul 22:30:56
Posted: 17 Jul 22:26:52
We're doing some work this evening on our email POP3 and IMAP servers. This is in preparation for bringing online new back end email servers in the near future. Some customers are seeing IMAP and POP3 errors at the moment. We hope to bring service back shortly.
17 Jul 22:31:17
Service is back to normal now.
Started 17 Jul 22:15:00
Closed 17 Jul 22:30:56

16 Jul 12:53:01
Posted: 15 Jan 11:19:42

Over the years we have had various incarnations of the POP3 and IMAP server name that customers have been using to receive email. Last year we worked on making this simpler and for a while now we have been asking customers to use with SSL/TLS enabled using port 993 for IMAP or 995 for POP3. This has been done to improve the efficiency and privacy of our email service. Your outgoing SMTP settings are unchanged, and are still:

From this week we are starting to contact customers by email who are using an old server name and sending details on what to do.

Features and stored email are all unaffected by this name change. We have a support page which has the correct settings and examples for some email programs:

Please contact Support if you need any assistance

22 Jun 14:51:28

We have been emailing customers over the past few months and most have made the change already. We have now set 16th July 2018 as the date at which the old servers will be switched off, and so we request the remaining customers to make the change or contact our support team who help you make the changes.

We will be sending final reminders, via email, to customers who are using old settings.

16 Jul 12:23:42
We are working on making these changes today.
16 Jul 12:25:59
It looks like webmail has been unexpectedly affected too, which we are investigating.
16 Jul 12:53:01
Webmail is fixed, but if you are seeing errors you need to log out and log in again.
Started 15 Jan 11:00:00

7 Jul 17:03:00
Posted: 7 Jul 16:59:50
We're investigating why iPlayer stopped streaming a few minutes before the end of the England football match. It appears to have affected other ISPs too...
7 Jul 17:00:36
Looks like an iPlayer problem rather then a problem local to A&A customers.
7 Jul 17:00:51 suggests iplayer has problems.
7 Jul 17:02:30
Best to switch to BBC1. Spoiler alert - we won.
7 Jul 17:03:44
The UHD 4K streams were unaffected.
Resolution Unfortunately the problem was due to the BBC having problems of some sort that affected people up and down the country and not related to specific ISPs. Service was resumed by 17:03
Started 7 Jul 16:48:00
Closed 7 Jul 17:03:00

6 Jul 12:41:45
Posted: 6 Jul 12:41:45

We are pleased to announce that 160M FTTP services are now available to existing and new customers.

Customers with an existing 80M FTTP service can email in to our sales team to request an upgrade. The 160M option costs an extra £10/month. New customers can order via our order/quote form:

A couple of important notes...

1. If you use the availability checker, either use a phone number of a line at the address, or use a postcode and follow the link to do a full address check. Just checking on postcode is not good enough.

2. We are not doing FTTP-on-demand. All the quotes we have done have been crazy (more than a normal fibre Ethernet install in some cases) and as we understand it from other ISPs the lead times and hassle are still untenable.

Started 6 Jul 12:00:00

5 Jul 16:00:00
Posted: 4 Jul 17:55:54

We've been investigating a possible problem with TalkTalk VDSL circuits not able to reach the full speed potential when doing downloads. This is more prevalent on circuits which have near 80M sync speed. The throughput of these circuits seem to be unable to download at IP rates faster than 69Mb/s. We are investigating this with TalkTalk, and have also been testing both TalkTalk and BT based circuits with the help of other customers.

We will update this post as things develop.

4 Jul 17:57:01
This Kitz Forum thread is also relevant to this:,21750.0.html
4 Jul 18:58:34

Regular readers may remember that we migrated our TalkTalk lines on to a brand new TalkTalk network in April of this year. Many lines saw a drop in latency, which has been well received by customers.

With the help of TalkTalk, this evening we tested a circuit via the old network. Although the latency increased (from 6.4ms to 11.8ms) the throughput as measured by using the iperf3 tool showed an increase from 67.4Mb/s to 71.9M/s. (This is a line with a 75.6M sync rate)

We are still testing things further so as to rule out other factors that could be involved.

We have passed this on to TalkTalk and they are investigating further too.

5 Jul 14:43:31

Some good news. TalkTalk have been doing some tests and changes on a single line as part of their investigations.

This is what we're looking for when looking at our CQM graphs of traffic:

A constant download of lots of http and torrents at 75.2M (sync is a bit below 76M), filling the link (red line at bottom)

iperf alone gives 71.9 when before it was getting 67.4 yesterday.

The change TT have made has only been applied to this one line, we'll update this post when the change has been made across the board.

5 Jul 15:34:53

It looks like this has been fixed, we'd appreciate any feedback

TalkTalk have rolled out a change to the "overhead accounting mode in use for VDSL customers." Customers can now try reconnecting (restart PPP or reboot the router), and try speed tests and downloads.

Closed 5 Jul 16:00:00

4 Jul
[Broadband and Ethernet] Router upgrades - Completed
Posted: 4 Jun 10:27:16
We will be doing some router upgrades over night over the next few days, and may follow with rolling LNS updates.
18 Jun 17:19:03
We are doing ongoing work on this, and so there will be more overnight upgrades this week, and rolling LNS upgrades next week.
21 Jun 11:26:13
Rolling LNS updates start tonight
22 Jun 10:35:49
Rolling LNS upgrade is being restarted tonight, so a.gormless will be reloaded at 3am. Note some data will be lost on graphs from midnight to 3am or 4am for such customers (those on the "A" LNS).
Started 5 Jun
Closed 4 Jul
Previously expected 30 Jun

18 Jun 06:00:00
Posted: 25 Jun 10:26:38
BT have engineering work at Stepney Green POSI node planned for 2018-06-18 between 02:00 – 06:00. This will cause a service outage of between 20 to 45 mins affecting some if our BT based ADSL, FTTC and FTTP circuits.
Started 29 Jun 02:00:00
Closed 18 Jun 06:00:00

29 Jun 13:28:20
Posted: 29 Jun 13:23:40

Andrews & Arnold Ltd (A&A) announce first customer trial of G.Fast; the new broadband technology from Openreach, initially enabling speeds of up to 160 Mbit/sec down and 50 Mbits/sec up.

The underlying technology, a variation on existing DSL, uses several techniques to allow for theoretical bandwidths of up to 1Gbit/sec on very very short phone lines, but at present, Openreach is launching with 160 and 330Mbit options. A&A intends to offer 330Mbit services in due course, but is launching 160Mbit services on a trial basis initially.

A&A predict that the major use-case for this new broadband option will be customers who wish to achieve higher uplink speeds.

Alex Bloor, General Manager of A&A said,
"We have reached a point where, practically speaking, many users will not notice the difference between an 80Mbit service and a 160Mbit service most of the time. Even a 4K video stream, for example from Netflix, will only use a fraction of the available capacity on an 80Meg link. But what many of our customers really will benefit from is the higher uplink speed. As services like Dropbox are still gaining popularity, so the customer wish to synchronise seamlessly into the cloud becomes more and more common. And theoretical 50Mbit/sec upload should help greatly with this. Of course, the higher downstream speeds are nice too, when downloading OS updates or games, but we think it will be the upload speed that is most noticeably useful within our demographic."

The costs (at least until the trial ends) will be simply £10 added to the existing A&A pricing for FTTC. A&A will cover the cost of the install/migration on an existing phone line (ie FREE install), and a discounted ZyXEL VMG3925 is available for £25. The installation will be carried out by an Openreach engineer who will provide the modem (A Huawei MT992).

At present the coverage for G.Fast is fairly minimal, but Openreach say they are going to be rolling out service to many more locations soon; especially those which do not have an FTTP footprint.

The trial is open to existing and new customers. You can use the Availability Checker on our website to see if G.Fast is available and then email in to and we can explain more and progress an order. We are also interested to hear if there is demand for a 160/50Mbit/sec service.

It should be noted that these headline speeds are really only going to be available where the street cabinet is fairly close to your premises. If your cabinet is within few hundred metres then you are likely to see improvement in speeds over FTTC.

29 Jun 14:23:45
The availability checker on will show G.Fast if you use your phone number. If you only have an address, then use the postcode, but then follow the 'Address Checker' link where you can progress by giving your specific address details.
As you can see, G.Fast is not always going to be faster than FTTC....
Started 29 Jun 13:00:00

28 Jun 12:55:31
Posted: 28 Jun 12:55:31
At 12:23, and again at 12:39, some customers experienced a routing blip. We believe this is now resolved and we will be monitoring the network carefully.
Started 28 Jun 12:23:00