Yesterday 13:02:42
Posted: 8 Jan 13:49:47

As mentioned in we are installing new fibres into BT to increase our capacity. We are now ready for customers on BT backhaul ADSL and VDSL circuits to test this.

Customers prefix their username in their router withe "test-" which will then connect through the new fibres. (eg if your username is example@a.1, change it to test-example@a.1) There should be no other differences in the service. We'd appreciate any feedback and observations being sent to

All being well, we hope to move the rest of the customer circuits in stages next week at which point you can remove the "test-" from your username.

8 Jan 13:54:42
If customers go over their usage tariff during the testing we'll apply free top-ups - email if this happens or if you think it is likely.
11 Jan 13:43:35

From Monday 15th January we will be moving circuits over to the new BT pipes, this process will take a number of days and therefore the trial will stop on 24th Jan.

Customers who changed their username can change it back on or before 24th January. Thank you for everyone's feedback and cooperation.

Started 8 Jan 13:00:00

Yesterday 11:19:42
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] IMAP and POP3 server name change - Info
Posted: Yesterday 11:19:42

Over the years we have had various incarnations of the POP3 and IMAP server name that customers have been using to receive email. Last year we worked on making this simpler and for a while now we have been asking customers to use with SSL/TLS enabled using port 993 for IMAP or 995 for POP3. This has been done to improve the efficiency and privacy of our email service. Your outgoing SMTP settings are unchanged, and are still:

From this week we are starting to contact customers by email who are using an old server name and sending details on what to do.

Features and stored email are all unaffected by this name change. We have a support page which has the correct settings and examples for some email programs:

Please contact Support if you need any assistance

Started Yesterday 11:00:00

Yesterday 01:00:00
Posted: 11 Jan 13:33:26

We do upgrades on our L2TP Network Servers over night one at a time as a rolling upgrade from time to time. Starting from Monday 1AM we starting the process. This will be ongoing over the next two weeks, impacting a small proportion of customers each night with a PPP drop and reconnect using the preferred time as set on the control pages. Depending on your equipment this could be anything from a fraction of a second outage to a few minutes.

In tandem with this, circuits on BT back-haul will reconnect using our new fibres into BT.

12 Jan 11:51:52
A few BT back-haul connections on the "B" LNS moved to the "A" LNS just now, this was not quite as planned, but has proved to be a good test of the new BT links. Sorry for any inconvenience. We expect the further rolling updates and switches to new links to be somewhat more seamless during next week now.
Started Yesterday 01:00:00
Expected close 24 Jan 10:00:00

11 Jan 12:36:23
Posted: 10 Jul 2017 22:52:30


Using encryption is strongly recommended wherever possible to as to ensure private communication between you and the server and to protect your username and passwords from being intercepted by other people.

Historically, accessing our email servers using SSL/TLS has been available but problematic in that the certificates we use is issued by 'CA CERT' which although is 'secure', email programs often popped up a warning about the security settings.


We have added a new set of servers which customers can use to access their email. These use a Let's Encrypt certificate which will be accepted by email clients without any warnings.


At the moment (July 2017) we are still testing this out, and this should be viewed as 'beta'. There are a few rough edges which we are still working on fixing before making this an official service. that said, customers may try this out and we will make any maintenance as seamless as possible - meaning that it should work fine but there may be short periods of time when it stops working.


A simple change needs to be made to your email account settings within your email program (eg account settings in Thunderbird, Outlook, Mail etc). Go to the account settings where the IMAP or POP3 server details are, and ensure the following is set:


Server hostname:

Port: 993

Security options: SSL/TLS

For POP3:

Server hostname:

Port: 995

Security options: SSL/TLS

You must use SSL/TLS as we do not support insecure access on these servers.


Customers are free to change the settings back to what they had before. This will not affect the emails stored on the server in any way.
28 Jul 2017 20:46:50
Note: can also be used to manage your sieve filters (TLS on port 4190)
11 Jan 12:36:02
Using the incoming mail server as: is now the recommended name to use. We ask that all customers check and update their settings.
Started 10 Jul 2017 22:00:00

9 Jan 13:42:48
Posted: 9 Jan 13:42:48
One of our BT links dropped its connection - this caused some DSL circuits dropped - they should reconnect soon if not already
9 Jan 13:47:13
The fibre is back up, and most DSL circuits have not reconnected.
9 Jan 13:50:58
The link dropped again (whilst we were talking to BT!). We'll take the link out of service for the time being. Affected lines will connect on our other links.
9 Jan 13:58:32
Again, lines have mostly all reconnected. We have taken the affected fibre out of service whilst we investigate the cause with BT.
9 Jan 14:33:09
The network is stable and BT are investigating the cause. The fibre is still out of service whilst we investigate the cause with BT.
11 Jan 12:55:17
BT were unable to find a fault when the investigated this on Tuesday. However, the circuit is dropping out again today. This has caused PPP reconnects for some customers. We are back on the case with BT.
11 Jan 13:10:35

For the record and to help diagnostics of broadband faults, this incident has caused PPP drops at the following times:

2018-01-09 13:39
2018-01-09 13:48
2018-01-11 12:39
2018-01-11 12:33
2018-01-11 11:55
11 Jan 14:22:04
BT are investigating.
Started 9 Jan 13:38:00

9 Jan 12:49:12
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] IMAP indexing problem - Closed
Posted: 22 Aug 2017 13:02:21
We are working on solving a problem that we're currently seeing with IMAP indexing on our mail servers. The symptoms customers are likely to see are small oddities such as emails appearing not to move between folders, or appearing twice. This problem is only index related and so doesn't actually affect the emails themselves. This problem is not causing email to be lost.
22 Aug 2017 16:47:26
We are still investigating a proper fix for this problem, but in the mean time we are making changes that should work around it. There is a small risk that if you are using Sieve filtering that it may stop working. If that is the case, please contact support for assistance
Resolution Longer term fixes for this was implemented as part of planned work:
Closed 9 Jan 12:49:12

8 Jan 22:10:00
Posted: 5 Jan 15:05:14
We will be carrying out some work on our POP3/IMAP servers on Monday from 9PM. This involves some configuration changes at our side and will affect access to the servers whilst this work is carried out.
8 Jan 21:18:38
This work has started.
8 Jan 21:56:12
The configuration is still in progress but at this point customers will be able to view and receive email again as long G as they are using the IMAP/POP3 server of
8 Jan 22:13:14
This work has been completed. Do contact support if you have any problems.
Started 8 Jan 21:00:00
Closed 8 Jan 22:10:00

Posted: 15 Dec 2017 11:52:57

We have lots of work happening in January regarding our interconnects to both BT and TalkTalk:

New physical fibres to BT: This increases our capacity. New TalkTalk network: This increases TalkTalk's capacity.

We already have customers trialling the new TalkTalk network and we'll be asking for customers to trial the new BT interconnects early January.

Both of these changes will not require our customers to make any changes, and we'll be moving circuits to the new networks overnight on separate occasions. We've not got the dates of these works yet, but this status post will be updated early January with more details.

8 Jan 13:53:10
BT testing is underway:
11 Jan 13:34:23
Moving customers the new BT pipes will start from Monday 15th January:
11 Jan 13:35:03
We're still waiting for TalkTalk to finish some work on their side before we can start moving TalkTalk customers over.
Expected close 21 Jan 22:00:00

5 Jan 22:00:00
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] Email server upgrades and reboots - Open
Posted: 5 Jan 12:36:27

Due to the 'Meltdown' and 'Spectre' vulnerabilities ( We will be performing various server upgrades and reboots this evening and over the weekend.

The most noticeable of these will be IMAP/POP3 email servers. These will be updated this evening from 10PM. We expect IMAP and POP3 services to be disrupted for up to 30 minutes whilst this work is carried out.

5 Jan 22:34:17
This work has completed successfully.
Started 5 Jan 22:00:00

4 Jan 11:20:00
Posted: 3 Jan 10:30:19
We're seeing incorrect SMS delivery reports from SMSs bein set to the EE/t-mobile network. SMSs are being delivered successfully but we receive a delivery report saying the message was rejected. This looks like it may be a problem between our carrier and EE. This is being investigated.
4 Jan 09:42:16
Update from our carrier: "I have escalated this issue to our senior systems team for review"
5 Jan 16:20:06
This has been fixed.
Started 3 Jan 10:00:00
Closed 4 Jan 11:20:00

4 Jan 11:00:27
Posted: 4 Jan 11:00:27

We're updating SSL certificates for our legacy email servers today. The old serial number is 130CAB. The new serial number is 1360FD. However, if you are reading this status post because are you seeing the change or a warning message then you are probably using out of date settings. Please change your POP3 or IMAP server name setting to our new one, which is simply:

See for more information about email settings

Started 4 Jan 10:00:00

3 Jan 17:27:06
Posted: 3 Jan 17:26:31
We have upgraded our order pages to allow ordering and regrading to the new terabyte tariffs on BT lines (as was only on TT lines before). Not available on 20CN, but otherwise you can now select 1TB (on Home::1) or 2TB (on SoHo::1) as just another tariff choice. As usual regrades take effect from next month, and the quota bonus system applies to this tariffs as well. Importantly they can be "balanced" with lines on the same site that are not on terabyte levels allowing multi-line sites to have different tariffs on each line simply shared in total by both lines.
Started 3 Jan 17:26:49

18 Dec 2017 18:00:00
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] Web hosting problems - Closed
Posted: 14 Dec 2017 09:04:39
We're investigating problems with our web hosting.
14 Dec 2017 09:14:46
There is a problem with the file server that hosts the files for web hosting.
14 Dec 2017 09:26:32
The RAID array for the web hosting has broken. This is a simple two disk RAID1 mirror. It looks like the mirror became degraded overnight but for an unknown reason the RAID controller also removed the remaining drive! We are attempting to rebuild it, but if that fails we'll need to restore from backup.
14 Dec 2017 09:51:55
We've managed to bring the RAID array back online, we are running a filesystem check as it looks like some files, or file attributes are corrupt.
14 Dec 2017 10:25:18
Unfortunately, due to the problem we are having with web hosting we are needing to reboot the file server that manages email and web. This is happening now, and will mean access to email will be unavailable for a few minutes. We do apologise for this.
14 Dec 2017 11:21:33
The file system did not come back after the reboot. A repair has been completed and the file system is mounted again.
14 Dec 2017 12:29:08
Sadly, we're needing to restore websites from backup, This will be starting soon but it will take some time for data to be fully restored. We'll update on the progress at around 1PM though.
14 Dec 2017 13:33:31
Websites are being restored from our Wednesday morning backup. About 16% of the files have been restored so far. We expect this to take a few more hours to complete.
14 Dec 2017 14:10:32
Over 25% now.
14 Dec 2017 15:51:57
Over 50% now.
14 Dec 2017 19:00:30
Backups have been restored, and FTP/rsync are now live again. Web access logs have been lost - sorry for any inconvenience.
15 Dec 2017 12:39:15
Some customers are unable to ftp or rsync files to their web space. This is being worked on now though.
15 Dec 2017 17:26:35
The job to repair the ftp/rsync issues at this moment in time is still running.
16 Dec 2017 12:25:00
FTP/rsync is now repaired, and access to the web space should be back to normal. Unfortunately, during the restore process, weblogs were not recreated for any domains using them. This means that customers will need to log back in to the web space to re-enable logs. Sorry for any inconvenience that causes!
Started 14 Dec 2017 09:00:00
Closed 18 Dec 2017 18:00:00