Thursday 12:03:02
Due to upgrades on a carrier's network, data SIM services are at risk from 22:00 on Monday the 23rd January to 01:59 on Tuesday the 24th of January. There may also be brief periods of disruption throughout this window.
Expected close 24 Jan 02:00:00

18 Jan 20:30:00
18 Jan 20:36:56
We're looking in to why some broadband lines and mobile SIMs dropped and reconnected at around 20:30 this evening....
Resolution Lines are back online, most reconnected within a few minutes. This blip affected about 1/8th of our customers, and was caused by one of our LNS restarting unexpectedly. We do apologise for the inconvenience this caused. We'll be investigating the cause of this.
Started 18 Jan 20:35:58
Closed 18 Jan 20:30:00
Cause LNS restart/crash

17 Jan 09:48:47
17 Jan 08:35:28
Once again we are seeing an issue where TT lines are failing to connect. This is not impacting lines that are currently connected unless they drop and reconnect for some reason. This looks like only half of TTs LACs that is impacted, and so lines are eventually reconnecting after several tries. It has been reported to TalkTalk and we will update this post as soon as we get an update.
17 Jan 09:50:18
All affected lines appear to have reconnected.
Resolution We are still investigating the root cause
Broadband Users Affected 1%
Started 17 Jan 01:00:00
Closed 17 Jan 09:48:47
Previously expected 17 Jan 12:31:59

3 Jan 18:00:00
3 Jan 09:36:03
We are doing some general router upgrades. As usually these should cause little or no disruption, and we will be doing LNS upgrades as a rolling upgrade one per night. We are also going to be bringing two more LNSs on-line to increase our capacity further.
3 Jan 17:39:54
There will only be a few routers this evening, tomorrow we will look to bring in the new LNSs.
4 Jan 02:34:01
Further updates this morning mean we have now completed around half off our core router upgrades.
4 Jan 13:50:30
It looks like we will start LNS rolling updates Friday night instead. Testing today has gone well though.
4 Jan 18:42:46
Core routers all upgraded, only LNSs now.
6 Jan 17:01:27
Rolling LNS updates will start tonight, once this is complete we will bring the two new LNSs on line.
12 Jan 18:03:46
LNS roll over is complete, we have some further updates and will be bringing new LNSs on-line over the next few days.
14 Jan 15:10:22
Two additional LNSs are on-line now. We expect to do another LNS roll over soon to spread the load evenly.
16 Jan 15:36:05
We will be running a rolling LNS switch over starting tonight.
17 Jan 08:56:51
LNS switch for a few customers on "H" LNS to "I" LNS did not work properly last night, this has been fixed, and so there may have been more than one PPP restart over night, and one just before 9am. Looks good now. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Started 3 Jan 18:00:00
Expected close 24 Jan

16 Jan 15:35:10
4 Jan 13:44:20
This post is mainly for our wholesalers. We are adding two additional LNSs this week and so wholesalers and other customers that we relay L2TP connections to may need to update their access lists/firewalls to allow the connections from the new IP addresses. The two new LNS are: 2001:8b0:0:53::58 2001:8b0:0:53::59

Resolution The new LNSs are now in use.
Started 6 Jan 13:00:00
Closed 16 Jan 15:35:10

13 Jan 05:16:36
12 Dec 2016 16:21:48
Here are our opening times over Christmas and the New Year.
Fri 23rd Open as Usual
Sat 24th Informal (Some Support staff monitoring IRC and Email)
Sun 25th Closed
Mon 26th Closed
Tue 27th Closed
Wed 28th Open
Thu 29th Open
Fri 30th Open
Sat 31st Informal (Some Support staff monitoring IRC and Email)
Sun 1st Closed
Mon 2nd Closed
Tue 3rd Open...
We wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
23 Dec 2016 15:25:59
Due to the low volume of calls, our offices are now closed. You can still email or text 01344 400 999 to raise a support ticket. If you believe there is a major issue, that affects multiple customers and that is not shown here, please start your text with MSO which will alert staff. Merry Christmas!
Started 12 Dec 2016 16:00:00

10 Jan 14:31:24
10 Jan 08:49:16
We are seeing an issue where TT lines are failing to connect - this is not impacting lines that are currently connected unless they drop and reconnect for some reason. This looks like only half of TTs LACs that is impacted, and so lines are eventually reconnecting after several tries.
10 Jan 09:43:21
Talk Talk engineers are working on the issue now.
10 Jan 10:59:21
TalkTalk have raised an incident and are still working on resolving this.
10 Jan 11:39:56
A few lines have logged back in, no word back from TT yet.
10 Jan 11:49:57
It looks like all lines are back, we'll update this post again when we get further news from TalkTalk.
10 Jan 15:32:19
Update from TalkTalk regarding this outage: "Investigations by our NOC and network support team identified that a routing card had failed on a router. Routing functionality was moved onto an alternative card by our network support team to restore service. This was completed at 11:46hrs and monitoring has not identified any further issues"
Started 10 Jan 03:20:00
Closed 10 Jan 14:31:24

7 Jan 11:40:55
7 Jan 10:30:49
There seems to be a major issue in the Maidenhead data centre at present, we are investigating.
7 Jan 11:15:07
We have an engineer who should be on site in a few minutes.
7 Jan 11:19:23
Voice services (also in Maidenhead) seem unaffected, but there may be some disruption shortly whilst we work on this problem.
Resolution Engineer has found the problem and reset it. All looking good now.
Started 7 Jan 10:17:00
Closed 7 Jan 11:40:55