19 May 11:40:46
Posted: 19 May 11:40:46

We have included our GDPR privacy notice on all of our web pages (bottom of the page) on the main web site. See https://aa.net.uk/legal-gdpr.html

Any questions please do contact us as normal

Started 19 May 11:39:06

18 May 05:06:00
Posted: 18 May 00:11:37
Calls and SMSs to and from mobile SIMs on our SIP2SIM service are failing. This has been reported to the mobile carrier who are now investigating. This looks like a similar problem that occurred last month: https://aastatus.net/2519 Updates to follow.
Resolution From our carrier: "BT have confirmed that there was an outage on one of their nodes, affecting links with Telefonica. The issue has been resolved and connections are starting to restore. BT have confirmed that all links are now back in service."
Started 18 May 11:00:00
Closed 18 May 05:06:00

13 May 17:09:05
[Broadband and Ethernet] Router upgrades - Completed
Posted: 12 Apr 18:26:04
Some more router upgrades are planned, and then we expect to do a rolling update or LNSs soon. As usually router upgrades should be no disruption and LNS upgrades being a PPP restart over night.
23 Apr 10:40:40
We are running a rolling LNS upgrade from tonight.
Resolution All done, but more work to be announced soon.
Started 13 Apr
Closed 13 May 17:09:05
Previously expected 6 May

13 May 17:08:35
Posted: 18 Apr 11:04:49

We are finally able to move all our TalkTalk circuits on the the new TalkTalk network. We've had customers testing the new network since November last year; the new network brings increased capacity and increased resilience.

From Monday 23rd April, we will start moving small batches of lines over to the new network by forcing a PPP reconnect. This will happen overnight and we expect this to take 11 nights to complete.

23 Apr 10:10:08
TalkTalk have completed their work and new PPP logins from now on will connect over their new network. Existing connections will carry on working, but a PPP reconnect will connect over the new network. Starting from tonight we will be moving over batches of lines as part of our LNS upgrades which are happening. https://aastatus.net/2518
Resolution All seemed to work nicely
Started 23 Apr 10:00:00
Closed 13 May 17:08:35
Previously expected 2 May 09:00:00

3 May 15:19:35
Posted: 23 Mar 11:04:21
On the 26/04/18 between 2am and 6am BTW have planned works to migrate customers connected via the Bristol POSI (Point of service Interconnects) nodes to new hardware. The work is expected to take 25 - 45 minutes.
Started 26 Apr 02:00:00 by Carrier
Closed 3 May 15:19:35
Previously expected 26 Apr 06:00:00 (Last Estimated Resolution Time from Carrier)