12 Mar 22:30:00
Posted: 12 Mar 10:32:05
We are investigating an intermittent problem sending email via our webmail service and directly from their normal email programs
12 Mar 12:02:04
We are seeing low levels of packetloss, but only on IPv6 - we are disabling IPv6 on smtp.aa.net.uk for the moment to see if that makes a difference whilst we investigate further.
12 Mar 12:10:00
IPv6 was a red herring - we're still investigating this intermittent problem.
12 Mar 13:54:30

This problem is occurring when trying to send messages to email accounts that are hosted on Office 365 / outlook.com servers. This is related to https://aastatus.net/2502

Our mail servers should handle the type of failure better, we are looking at improving this.

Resolution Routing is now working again, we believe the problem is due to to routing through one of our routers which we have disabled this evening. We are still investigating the actual root cause of this. We would like to thank the other customers who reported this fault to the Office365 help desk, and do apologise for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused.
Started 12 Mar 09:00:00
Closed 12 Mar 22:30:00

12 Mar 22:29:43
Posted: 12 Mar 10:30:13
We have had some reports of problems routing to Offic365. We have tried re-routing the traffic via various routes and traffic still fails deep within the Microsoft network. We are trying to contact Microsoft regarding this. This may affect sending of email to Office365/Outlook/Microsft/Hotmail/etc accounts as well as general access of Office 365 services.
12 Mar 10:56:28
The problem we're seeing is certain *.protection.outlook.com mail servers not accepting connections on port 25 from us when we try send email to them. Luckily the hosts for microsoft-com.mail.protection.outlook.com do work, and we have emailed Microsoft regarding this.
12 Mar 12:06:21

We have not yet heard back from Microsoft, but we encourage Office 365 customers to report this as a fault to Microsft too. The problem can be seen by attempting connections to the mail servers listed as the MX records for your domain, this will be in the form of *.mail.protection.outlook.com. This can be seen doing:

   telnet DOMAIN.mail.protection.outlook.com 25 

Where 'DOMAIN' is your domain name with .'s turned in to -'s.

If it fails, it will timeout, with a message such as:
  Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out
If it works, then the message is similar to:
   220 BL2NAM06FT009.mail.protection.outlook.com Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready
12 Mar 13:08:20
Separate to our emails to the Microsoft NOC we've had a 40 minute call with the Office356 enduser helpdesk, and they are investigating further.
12 Mar 13:16:39
It seems Office365 servers in Dublin are the ones which are not accepting connections from us. These look to have IP addresses starting 213.199.154.x. Where as Office365 servers in the US such as 104.47.46.x and possibly 23.103.156.x are accepting connections from us OK.
12 Mar 18:27:38
We have been pursuing various channels to speak to staff at Microsoft who are in a position to be able to help - so far it's proving difficult.
We have been talking to the general Office365 technical support team and team leaders, who after a couple of hours are starting to realise that the problem is one which they can't help with, and are attempting to move the ticket over to a network team.
Resolution Routing is now working again, we believe the problem is due to to routing through one of our routers which we have disabled this evening. We are still investigating the actual root cause of this. We would like to thank the other customers who reported this fault to the Office365 help desk, and do apologise for the frustration and inconvenience this has caused.
Started 12 Mar 09:00:00
Closed 12 Mar 22:29:43

12 Mar 00:50:00
[Broadband and Ethernet] Major service outage - Closed
Posted: 12 Mar 00:45:25
We noticed (and received reports) that multiple customers were having issues at approximately 00:15 this morning, and investigation work commenced immediately. At present it appears we have a routing problem, affecting traffic to/from some destinations. This is actively being worked on right now. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience this is causing.
12 Mar 00:50:12
Improvement : Work on this problem has improved matters. Traces in from external networks appear to now be working in instances where they were not before. Customers who initially reported the problem are now reporting a restoration of routing. At this point in time we do not want to consider this "fixed". But will continue to monitor and work on this until we are able to consider it so.
12 Mar 00:54:51
Technical update : At the moment the cause seems to have been our route servers, getting stuck holding routes from a peer (m.aimless) that didn't actually have routes due to its connection with one carrier (NTT) being down due to routine planned work at their side. Work continues on this. Apologies again.
12 Mar 00:57:57
This problem has been resolved.
Broadband and Ethernet Users Affected 75%
Started 12 Mar 00:15:00
Closed 12 Mar 00:50:00

8 Mar 15:15:34
Posted: 8 Mar 15:15:34
There was a routing blip that affected some connectivity and caused some L2TP and data SIMs to drop and reconnect at around 15:02 today. The fault was resolved at around 15:08. We are investigating the cause.
Started 8 Mar 15:02:00

6 Mar 12:54:34
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] At Risk Period for Web Space - Completed
Posted: 5 Mar 16:32:57
We are carrying out work on our customer facing web space. This work should not disrupt the serving of web pages, but the period during which the work is carried out should be considered "at risk". FTP upload will be unavailable for a while during this work, which we aim to begin around 11am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.
6 Mar 12:55:06
This work is complete.
Closed 6 Mar 12:54:34

5 Mar 09:21:46
Posted: 10 Jul 2017 22:52:30


Using encryption is strongly recommended wherever possible to as to ensure private communication between you and the server and to protect your username and passwords from being intercepted by other people.

Historically, accessing our email servers using SSL/TLS has been available but problematic in that the certificates we use is issued by 'CA CERT' which although is 'secure', email programs often popped up a warning about the security settings.


We have added a new set of servers which customers can use to access their email. These use a Let's Encrypt certificate which will be accepted by email clients without any warnings.


At the moment (July 2017) we are still testing this out, and this should be viewed as 'beta'. There are a few rough edges which we are still working on fixing before making this an official service. that said, customers may try this out and we will make any maintenance as seamless as possible - meaning that it should work fine but there may be short periods of time when it stops working.


A simple change needs to be made to your email account settings within your email program (eg account settings in Thunderbird, Outlook, Mail etc). Go to the account settings where the IMAP or POP3 server details are, and ensure the following is set:


Server hostname: mail.aa.net.uk

Port: 993

Security options: SSL/TLS

For POP3:

Server hostname: mail.aa.net.uk

Port: 995

Security options: SSL/TLS

You must use SSL/TLS as we do not support insecure access on these servers.


Customers are free to change the settings back to what they had before. This will not affect the emails stored on the server in any way.
28 Jul 2017 20:46:50
Note: mail.aa.net.uk can also be used to manage your sieve filters (TLS on port 4190)
11 Jan 12:36:02
Using the incoming mail server as: mail.aa.net.uk is now the recommended name to use. We ask that all customers check and update their settings.
Started 10 Jul 2017 22:00:00

5 Mar 09:21:13
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] Issues with outbound email - Closed
Posted: 01 Jun 2017 10:27:24
One of the key IP reputation services appears to have blacklisted both of our outgoing servers which is causing issues for some email customers. We have noticed this occurring for any emails destined for icloud.com or mac.com email addresses, however some other servers may be affected. We have contacted the service in question requesting that we are unblocked. We will update this status page as any updates become available.
01 Jun 2017 11:01:17
We have adjusted our outgoing servers to use different IPs to circumvent the block. We would now suggest that mail customers attempt to resend any failed messages.
12 Jun 2017 09:41:39
We are seeing this again unfortunately. We are investigating the cause of this, however we may have to wait for any blocks to expire.
12 Jun 2017 10:01:38
We've applied a work around for the time being and sending email should be fine. We'll investigate the cause of why we were blocked in the first place and why our normal methods for blocking junk email in the first place did not work this time.
Started 01 Jun 2017 06:55:00 by AA Staff
Closed 5 Mar 09:21:13

5 Mar 09:15:27
Posted: 9 Jan 13:42:48
One of our BT links dropped its connection - this caused some DSL circuits dropped - they should reconnect soon if not already
9 Jan 13:47:13
The fibre is back up, and most DSL circuits have not reconnected.
9 Jan 13:50:58
The link dropped again (whilst we were talking to BT!). We'll take the link out of service for the time being. Affected lines will connect on our other links.
9 Jan 13:58:32
Again, lines have mostly all reconnected. We have taken the affected fibre out of service whilst we investigate the cause with BT.
9 Jan 14:33:09
The network is stable and BT are investigating the cause. The fibre is still out of service whilst we investigate the cause with BT.
11 Jan 12:55:17
BT were unable to find a fault when the investigated this on Tuesday. However, the circuit is dropping out again today. This has caused PPP reconnects for some customers. We are back on the case with BT.
11 Jan 13:10:35

For the record and to help diagnostics of broadband faults, this incident has caused PPP drops at the following times:

2018-01-09 13:39
2018-01-09 13:48
2018-01-11 12:39
2018-01-11 12:33
2018-01-11 11:55
11 Jan 14:22:04
BT are investigating.
Started 9 Jan 13:38:00
Closed 5 Mar 09:15:27

5 Mar 09:14:21
Posted: 13 Apr 2014 17:29:53
We handle SMS, both outgoing from customers, and incoming via various carriers, and we are now linking in once again to SMS with mobile voice SIM cards. The original code for this is getting a tad worn out, so we are working on a new system. It will have ingress gateways for the various ways SMS can arrive at us, core SMS routing, and then output gateways for the ways we can send on SMS. The plan is to convert all SMS to/from standard GSM 03.40 TPDUs. This is a tad technical I know, but it will mean that we have a common format internally. This will not be easy as there are a lot of character set conversion issues, and multiple TPDUs where concatenation of texts is used. The upshot for us is a more consistent and maintainable platform. The benefit for customers is more ways to submit and receive text messages, including using 17094009 to make an ETSI in-band modem text call from suitable equipment (we think gigasets do this). It also means customers will be able to send/receive texts in a raw GSM 03.40 TPDU format, which will be of use to some customers. It also makes it easier for us to add other formats later. There will be some changes to the existing interfaces over time, but we want to keep these to a minimum, obviously.
21 Apr 2014 16:27:23

Work is going well on this, and we hope to switch Mobile Originated texting (i.e. texts from the SIP2SIM) over to the new system this week. If that goes to plan we can move some of the other ingress texting over to the new system one by one.

We'll be updating documentation at the same time.

The new system should be a lot more maintainable. We have a number of open tickets with the mobile carrier and other operators to try and improve the functionality of texting to/from us. These cover things like correct handling of multi-part texts, and correct character set coding.

The plan is ultimately to have full UTF-8 unicode support on all texts, but that could take a while. It seems telcos like to mess with things rather than giving us a clean GSM TPDU for texts. All good fun.

22 Apr 2014 08:51:09
We have updated the web site documentation on this to the new system, but this is not fully in use yet. Hopefully this week we have it all switched over. Right now we have removed some features from documenation (such as delivery reports), but we plan to have these re-instated soon once we have the new system handling them sensibly.
22 Apr 2014 09:50:44
MO texts from SIP2SIM are now using the new system - please let support know of any issues.
22 Apr 2014 12:32:07
Texts from Three are now working to ALL of our 01, 02, and 03 numbers. These are delivered by email, http, or direct to SIP2SIM depending on the configuration on our control pages.
23 Apr 2014 09:23:20
We have switched over one of our incoming SMS gateways to the new system now. So most messages coming from outside will use this. Any issues, please let support know ASAP.
25 Apr 2014 10:29:50
We are currently running all SMS via the new platform - we expect there to be more work still to be done, but it should be operating as per the current documentation now. Please let support know of any issues.
26 Apr 2014 13:27:37
We have switched the DNS to point SMS to the new servers running the new system. Any issues, please let support know.
Started 14 Apr 2014
Closed 5 Mar 09:14:21
Previously expected 01 May 2014

5 Mar 09:13:53
Posted: 20 Sep 2016 11:31:39
Our upstream provider have advised us that they will be carrying out firmware upgrades on core 3G infrastructure on 23rd September 2016 between 00:10 and 04:30 BST.
During this period data SIMs may briefly disconnect as sessions are migrated to other nodes in the upstream provider's network to facilitate the upgrades.
VoIP and SIMs Users Affected 25%
Started 20 Sep 2016 11:26:07 by Carrier
Closed 5 Mar 09:13:53
Previously expected 23 Sep 2016 04:30:00 (Last Estimated Resolution Time from Carrier)

5 Mar 09:13:24
Posted: 30 Mar 2017 11:19:03
Due to maintenance being performed by a carrier, disruption of up to 15 minutes to 3G/4G data services is expected some time between 01:00 and 03:00 on the 6th of April.
Started 06 Apr 2017 01:00:00
Closed 5 Mar 09:13:24
Previously expected 06 Apr 2017 03:00:00

5 Mar 09:13:01
Posted: 27 Jun 2017 16:50:52
Our voice SIM carrier is carrying out emergency maintenance on their GGSNs between 20:00 and 00:00 on the 29th of June. This is expected to cause at least 15 minutes of downtime for voice SIMs.
01 Jul 2017 10:00:59
Our carrier has planned additional work which may affect users on the 5th, 6th, 11th, and 12th of July in the early hours of the morning.
Started 29 Jun 2017 20:00:00 by Carrier
Closed 5 Mar 09:13:01
Previously expected 30 Jun 2017 00:05:00

5 Mar 09:12:43
Posted: 01 Sep 2016 17:26:51
Our SMS gateway has always supported HTTPS but it still allows using HTTP only. As using HTTP only is probably a mistake these days we are going to change our gateway to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS next week. We don't expect anything to break as curl, etc., should "just work" but we're posting a PEW just in case anyone has a legacy script they think might need adjusting!
09 Sep 2016 10:06:35
Unfortunately we've had to back out of making this change this week as it caused some unforeseen problems! We'll resolve those problems and make the change again soon.
Started 01 Sep 2016 17:18:26
Closed 5 Mar 09:12:43
Previously expected 07 Sep 2016 17:18:26

5 Mar 09:11:06
Posted: 09 Apr 2015 13:43:39

We have been advised by Three of works on their network which will involve rerouting traffic from one of their nodes via alternate paths in their core. Although connections should automatically reroute, there will be brief amounts of packet loss. As a result, some customers may experience dropped connections. Any device reconnecting will automatically be routed via a new path.

This only affects our data only SIMs.

Started 13 Apr 2015
Closed 5 Mar 09:11:06

5 Mar 09:03:46
Posted: 11 Apr 2014 15:53:42
There is a problem with the C server and it needs to be restarted again after the maintenance yesterday evening. We are going to do this at 17:00 as we need it to be done as soon as possible. Sorry for the short notice.
Started 11 Apr 2014 15:50:28
Closed 5 Mar 09:03:46

5 Mar 09:03:13
Posted: 07 Apr 2014 13:52:31
We will be carrying out some maintenance on our 'C' SIP server outside office hours. It will cause disruption to calls, but is likely only to last a couple of minutes and will only affect calls on the A and C servers. It will not affect calls on our "voiceless" SIP platform or SIP2SIM. We will do this on Thursday evening at around 22:30. Please contact support if you have any questions.
10 Apr 2014 23:19:59
Completed earlier this evening.
Started 07 Apr 2014 13:45:09
Closed 5 Mar 09:03:13
Previously expected 10 Apr 2014 22:45:00

5 Mar 09:02:49
Posted: 18 Sep 2013 16:32:41
We have received notification that Three's network team will be carrying out maintenance on one of the nodes that routes our data SIM traffic between 00:00 and 06:00 on Weds 25th September. Some customers may notice a momentary drop in connections during this time as any SIMs using that route will disconnect when the link is shut down. Any affected SIMs will automatically take an alternate route when they try and reconnect. Unfortunately, we have no control over the timing of this as it is dependent on the retry strategy of your devices. During the window, the affected node will be offline therefore SIM connectivity should be considered at risk throughout.
Started 25 Sep 2013
Closed 5 Mar 09:02:49

5 Mar 09:02:31
Posted: 06 Jul 2015 12:49:42
We have been advised by Three of works on their network (22:30 8th July to 04:50 9th July 2015) Which will involve rerouting traffic from one of their nodes via alternate paths in their core. Although connections should automatically reroute, there will be brief amounts of packet loss. As a result, some partners may experience dropped connections. Any device reconnecting will automatically be routed via a new path. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and the short notice of this advisory.
Closed 5 Mar 09:02:31

5 Mar 09:02:02
Posted: 12 Feb 2015 15:57:26
We have received the below PEW notification from one of our carriers that we take voice SIMS from. We have been advised by one of our layer 2 suppliers of emergency works to upgrade firmware on their routers to ensure ongoing stability. This will cause short drops in routing during the following periods: 00:00 to 06:00 Fri 13th Feb 00:00 to 04:00 Mon 16th Feb Although traffic should automatically reroute within our core as part of our MPLS infrastructure, some partners may experience disruption to SIM connectivity due to the short heartbeats used on SIM sessions.
Closed 5 Mar 09:02:02

5 Mar 09:01:16
[Maidenhead Colocation] Web and email outage - Closed
Posted: 04 Apr 2013 15:47:25

This is ongoing. We're investigating.

04 Apr 2013 16:07:41

This should now be fixed. Please let support know if you see any problems, or have any questions.

05 Apr 2013 09:15:04

This was resolved yesterday afternoon.

20 Jul 2016 09:58:43
This may be related to a wider issue on the internet with a power outage at a major london data centre. Thos routing problems are still ongoing.
Started 04 Apr 2013 15:46:11
Closed 5 Mar 09:01:16

5 Mar 08:59:05
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] SMTP Settings Change - Completed
Posted: 07 Feb 2017 14:52:42
For historical reasons, our SMTP servers allow sending authenticated email without TLS. This is insecure, and doesn't belong on the modern internet as it is possible for the username and password to be intercepted by a third party. We will no longer allow this as of the 4th of July. We are emailing customers who seem to be using insecure settings to warn them about the change. We have a support site page about what settings to change here: https://support.aa.net.uk/Enable_TLS_on_smtp.aa.net.uk Please contact support if you have any questions.
Started 07 Feb 2017 14:49:55
Closed 5 Mar 08:59:05
Previously expected 04 Jul 2017 09:00:00

5 Mar 08:58:45
Posted: 21 Feb 2017 14:43:14
We are carrying out maintenance on our customer facing web servers during this Thursday's maintenance window. We expect no more than a couple of minutes of downtime but web services should be considered "at risk" during the work.
Closed 5 Mar 08:58:45
Previously expected 23 Feb 2017 22:00:00

5 Mar 08:58:20
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] Email Authentication Problem - Closed
Posted: 31 Jan 19:03:43
A number of customers were affected by an email authentication problem this afternoon. The problem was not widespread. It appears to have started around 14:45, and gradually affected more customers until it was fixed at around 18:45. It affected authentication at the beginning of a mail session, so it was possible to have a device that connected before the problem started continue to work throughout even though new logins were broken for the same account. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Started 31 Jan 14:45:00 by Customer report
Closed 5 Mar 08:58:20

5 Mar 08:57:59
Posted: 5 Jan 12:36:27

Due to the 'Meltdown' and 'Spectre' vulnerabilities (https://meltdownattack.com/) We will be performing various server upgrades and reboots this evening and over the weekend.

The most noticeable of these will be IMAP/POP3 email servers. These will be updated this evening from 10PM. We expect IMAP and POP3 services to be disrupted for up to 30 minutes whilst this work is carried out.

5 Jan 22:34:17
This work has completed successfully.
Started 5 Jan 22:00:00
Closed 5 Mar 08:57:59

5 Mar 08:57:13
Posted: 08 Jan 2015 12:49:24
We're going to remove the legacy fb6000.cgi page that was originally used to display CQM graphs on the control pages. This does not affect people who use the control pages as normal, but we've noticed that fb6000.cgi URLs are still being accessed occasionally. This is probably because the old page is being used to embed graphs into people's intranet sites, for example, but accessing graph URLs via fb6000.cgi has been deprecated for a long time. The supported method for obtaining graphs via automated means is via the "info" command on our API: http://aa.net.uk/support-chaos.html This is likely to affect only a handful of customers but, if you believe you're affected and require help with accessing the API, please contact support. We will remove the old page after a week (on 2015-01-15).
09 Jan 2015 08:52:28
We'll be coming up with some working examples of using our CHAOS API to get graphs, we'll post an update here today or monday.
12 Jan 2015 16:19:58
We have an example here: https://wiki.aa.net.uk/CHAOS
Started 08 Jan 2015 12:39:06 by AA Staff
Closed 5 Mar 08:57:13
Previously expected 15 Jan 2015 17:00:00

5 Mar 08:53:13
Posted: 20 Oct 2017 15:01:04

Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in dnsmasq, the service on the ZyXEL routers which provides a DNSresolver, DHCP functions and router advertisement for IPv6.
A list of these can be found here.

The scope of these is relatively broad, and most attack vectors are local. causing the router to fail DNS/DHCP/RA if exploited (DoS condition), one additional vector includes execution of arbitrary code.
As dnsmasq is tightly integrated into the router, it can't just be turned off, however as a workaround you can change the DNS servers the routers serves in it's DHCP server to minimise potential impact from a local attacker should they perform a DNS request in a way which exploits the DoS conditions. This can be performed by going to the Router Settings page on your control pages, and entering our nameservers and into the IPv4 DNS fields, clicking save, then clicking on the DHCP button at the bottom (for B10Ds only) or clicking on Send ZyXEL configuration (B10As or B10Ds, will wipe existing settings on the router)

An official patch from ZyXEL is estimated to be provided during December 2017 for the VMG1312-B10D routers (Firmware V5.13(AAXA.7)), and January 2018 for the the VMG1312-B10A routers.
An update will be made to this post once firmware updates have been released.

30 Jan 13:49:52
Updated software available, version 1.00(AAJZ.14)C0: https://www.zyxel.com/euosearch/dl-search.aspx?mci_country=uk&mci_lang=en&keyword=VMG1312-B10A&submit=Search
Previously expected 1 Feb

5 Mar 08:52:43
Posted: 04 Sep 2017 17:22:46

We have a number of tariff changes planned, after a lot of interesting comments from my blog post - thank you all.

Some things are simple, and we are able to do sooner rather than later, like the extra 50GB already announced. Some will not be until mid to late October as they depend on other factors. Some may take longer still.

To try and ensure we get improvements as quickly as possible for customers I am updating a news item on our web site with details as we go.


As you will see, we are testing a change to make top-up on Home::1/SoHo::1 not expire. We have the end of a period (full moon) in two days where we can see if code changes work as expected on a live customer line. If all goes well then later this week we can change the description on the web site and officially launch this change.

Do check that page for updates and new features we are adding as we go.

06 Sep 2017 13:57:18
We have made top-up on Home::1 and SoHo::1 not expire, continuing until you have used it all. This applies to any top-up purchased from now on.
Started 04 Sep 2017 17:19:37

25 May 2017 09:00:00
Posted: 22 May 2017 16:29:22
Due to upstream upgrade work on core infrastructure, there may be up to 2 hours 30 minutes disruption to data SIM services on the morning of Thursday the 25th of May between the hours of 2:00 and 4:30.
Started 25 May 2017 02:00:00 by Carrier
Closed 25 May 2017 09:00:00
Previously expected 25 May 2017 04:30:00

28 Jun 2016 19:00:00
Posted: 15 Jun 2017 15:38:56
We have been advised of essential scheduled partner maintenance to upgrade core infrastructure. The window is as follows; Service Impact Start Time: 28/6/2017 02:00 Service Impact End Time: 28/6/2017 04:30 Impact Time Expected: 30 minutes Throughout the duration of this window, customers may see disruption of up to 30 minutes to their 3G/4G data services in the following areas: Ilford, Barking, Dagenham, Woolwich Thamesmead, Bexleyheath, East Ham, West Ham, Poplar, Stepney, Bow, Greenwich Deptford, Lewisham and surrounding areas. If you have any questions regarding this maintenance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team on 03333 400 999.
Started 28 Jun 2017 02:00:00 by Carrier
Closed 28 Jun 2016 19:00:00
Previously expected 28 Jun 2017 04:30:00 (Last Estimated Resolution Time from Carrier)

4 Mar 20:58:09
Posted: 26 Feb 16:24:16
We have received notice of this planned work which affects connectivity for data SIMs in the listed areas at the listed times. The planned work windows are 7 hours, but the outage is expected to be less than 2 hours per window. Service Impact Start Time: 26/02/2018 23:00 (GMT) Restoration Time: 27/02/2018 06:00 (GMT) Areas affected: DERBYSHIRE LINCOLNSHIRE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE SOUTH YORKSHIRE NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Service Impact Start Time: 27/02/2018 23:00 (GMT) Restoration Time: 28/02/2018 06:00 (GMT) Areas affected: SHROPSHIRE CHESHIRE PEMBROKESHIRE POWYS STAFFORDSHIRE DERBYSHIRE CEREDIGION HEREFORDSHIRE WEST MIDLANDS Service Impact Start Time: 28/02/2018 23:00 (GMT) Restoration Time: 01/03/2018 06:00 (GMT) Areas affected: WEST MIDLANDS STAFFORDSHIRE WEST LOTHIAN WARWICKSHIRE Service Impact Start Time: 01/03/2018 23:00 (GMT) Restoration Time: 02/03/2018 06:00 (GMT) Areas affected: WEST MIDLANDS
Started 26 Feb 23:00:00 by Carrier
Closed 4 Mar 20:58:09

22 Feb 11:00:37
Posted: 27 Sep 2017 10:16:11
We are making a change to our TR-069 router provisioning service this morning. It is not expected to cause any disruption, but between 11:00 and 12:00 should be considered an "at risk" time. Apologies for the short notice.
Closed 22 Feb 11:00:37
Previously expected 27 Sep 2017 12:00:00

22 Feb 11:00:09
Posted: 03 Jun 2014 18:20:39
The router upgrades went well, and now there is a new factory release we'll be doing some rolling upgrades over the next few days. Should be minimal disruption.
03 Jun 2014 18:47:21
First batch of updates done.
Started 03 Jun 2014 17:00:00
Closed 22 Feb 11:00:09
Previously expected 07 Jun 2014

Posted: 15 Dec 2017 11:52:57

We have lots of work happening in January regarding our interconnects to both BT and TalkTalk:

New physical fibres to BT: This increases our capacity. New TalkTalk network: This increases TalkTalk's capacity.

We already have customers trialling the new TalkTalk network and we'll be asking for customers to trial the new BT interconnects early January.

Both of these changes will not require our customers to make any changes, and we'll be moving circuits to the new networks overnight on separate occasions. We've not got the dates of these works yet, but this status post will be updated early January with more details.

8 Jan 13:53:10
BT testing is underway: https://aastatus.net/2488
11 Jan 13:34:23
Moving customers the new BT pipes will start from Monday 15th January: https://aastatus.net/2490
11 Jan 13:35:03
We're still waiting for TalkTalk to finish some work on their side before we can start moving TalkTalk customers over.
26 Jan 14:01:37
BT circuits are now on the new interconnects. Due to TalkTalk needing to wait for new software releases from their vendor (Juniper), moving our TalkTalk circuits over to their new network won't happen until mid-March 2018.
2 Mar 14:43:10
The move to the new TalkTalk network will happen in April - the exact date will be announced nearer the time. The impact this has to customers will be very minimal though - a PPP reconnect overnight.
Update expected 1 Apr 13:00:00
Previously expected 21 Jan 22:00:00

2 Mar 14:30:46
Posted: 20 Feb 15:44:51

BT are needing to do essential work on the equipment that our hostlinks are connected to at their end. This does mean an outage that will affect all BT provided ADSL, FTTC and FTTP services. (TalkTalk connected circuits are not affected)

Time: 2nd March 2018, between 02:00 – 06:00

More information:

The plan is that the work is carried out between 02:00 – 04:00 using 04:00 – 06:00 as a rollback window if required.
We expect the downtime to be approximately 30 mins or less, between 02:00 – 03:00 approximately.

Resolution This work was cancelled by BT and will be rescheduled.
Closed 2 Mar 14:30:46
Previously expected 2 Mar 06:00:00

28 Feb 02:00:00
Posted: 21 Feb 10:46:11
On the 28/2/18 between 2am and 6pm BTW have planned works to migrate customers connected via the Cardiff POSI (Point of service Interconnects) nodes to new hardware. The work is expected to take 25 - 45 minutes.
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20 Feb 13:23:41
Posted: 16 Feb 12:16:25
We are carrying out work on the servers that serve our web site. This work will be carried out on Tuesday morning. This should not affect the availability of our web site, but we consider this time an "at risk" period hence creating this planned work notice.
20 Feb 13:24:19
This work has now been completed.
Started 20 Feb 11:00:00 by AA Staff
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