01 Jan 2012 13:17:49
[Broadband and Ethernet] Change to speed line on graphs - Info
Posted: 01 Jan 2012 13:17:49

The Constant Quality Monitoring (CQM) graphs for our broadband service includes a "speed line" which shows the line speed. This was set based on the BT BRAS rate which changed relatively infrequently. The speed line only shows the last 2 changes in speed.

The speed line is a useful reference, especially on the historical graph data.

We are now setting speeds based on the sync rate at connection where possible (21CN lines and BE lines). This can be several changes in speed on one graph losing the oldest speeds and causing confusion on the historical graphs.

We are making a change over the next few days which will make the speed line show on a per hour basis - showing the highest line in that hour. This will avoid losing historical data if there are many rate changes.

For most customers this will have no impact as the speed of your line will remain stable for a long period.

Started 01 Jan 2012