New transit links activated - Lower latency & increased capacity
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    7¼ years ago by Andrew

    We've been doing a lot of expansion of our network this year. Earlier in the year we were working on increasing the capacity of our core London network by installing a 40G ring between our London sites and upgrading our core switch infrastructure.

    Our aim is, and always has been, to provide low latency, uncongested Internet access for all our customers.

    The bulk of our Internet traffic is carried over 'peering networks' in London such as LoNAP and LINX, where we get to peer directly with the major content providers. The rest of the traffic is carried over various 'transit' links which connect us to the rest of the Internet.

    Today we made live a new transit link at our Telehouse site! This is using Level 3 and we have a second link going live at our Telecity/Equinix site in the next couple of weeks. This increases the capacity between us and the rest of the internet, and, more importantly, has reduced the number of hops to many places. In practice this means slightly lower latency to various places on the Internet - Good news for our customers.

    7¼ years ago by Andrew

    The second link is now live!

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