Home::1 Quota Increases & New SoHo::1 Tariffs
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Nov 24, 12:00 PM (4¼ years ago)
Nov 25, 10:44 AM (4¼ years ago)
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    4¼ years ago by Andrew

    Home::1 Quota Increase: We're pleased to announce a 50GB quota increase for customers on the Home:1 tariffs with no change in the monthly costs. For example, those on the Home::1 100GB tariff will have 150GB, those on 200GB will have 250GB etc... This will start from your next bill - which for most people will be December 1st. (The Home::1TB tariff is unchanged and stays at 1TB)

    New SoHo::1 Tariffs: We are launching new SoHo::1 tariffs! These are aimed at businesses and will have 150GB, 250GB 350GB and 2TB quotas. These will have a few extra features that the existing Home::1 services don't have such as blocks of IPv4, VAT invoices, optional proactive line monitoring during working hours. This will be available on the order form next week (28th November)

    We'll have new web pages explaining the Home::1 and SoHo::1 tariffs in more detail over the coming days.

    4¼ years ago by Adrian

    We have updated all Home::1 lines (not on 1TB) to have the extra 50GB quota from the start of your next month now, and updated the ordering system to allow orders and regrades using the new quota levels.

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