New email server settings (for IMAP and POP3)
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Jul 10, 10:00 PM (1½ years ago)
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    1½ years ago by Andrew


    Using encryption is strongly recommended wherever possible to as to ensure private communication between you and the server and to protect your username and passwords from being intercepted by other people.

    Historically, accessing our email servers using SSL/TLS has been available but problematic in that the certificates we use is issued by 'CA CERT' which although is 'secure', email programs often popped up a warning about the security settings.


    We have added a new set of servers which customers can use to access their email. These use a Let's Encrypt certificate which will be accepted by email clients without any warnings.


    A simple change needs to be made to your email account settings within your email program (eg account settings in Thunderbird, Outlook, Mail etc). Go to the account settings where the IMAP or POP3 server details are, and ensure the following is set:

    For IMAP:

    Server hostname:

    Port: 993

    Security options: SSL/TLS

    For POP3:

    Server hostname:

    Port: 995

    Security options: SSL/TLS

    You must use SSL/TLS as we do not support insecure access on these servers.

    1½ years ago by Andrew

    Note: can also be used to manage your sieve filters (TLS on port 4190)

    1 year ago by Andrew

    Using the incoming mail server as: is now the recommended name to use. We ask that all customers check and update their settings.