16 Jul 12:53:01
[DNS, Email and Web Hosting] FINAL REMINDER:- IMAP and POP3 server name change - Info
Posted: 15 Jan 11:19:42

Over the years we have had various incarnations of the POP3 and IMAP server name that customers have been using to receive email. Last year we worked on making this simpler and for a while now we have been asking customers to use mail.aa.net.uk with SSL/TLS enabled using port 993 for IMAP or 995 for POP3. This has been done to improve the efficiency and privacy of our email service. Your outgoing SMTP settings are unchanged, and are still: smtp.aa.net.uk

From this week we are starting to contact customers by email who are using an old server name and sending details on what to do.

Features and stored email are all unaffected by this name change. We have a support page which has the correct settings and examples for some email programs: https://support.aa.net.uk/Incoming_Email_Settings:_Quick_Examples

Please contact Support if you need any assistance

22 Jun 14:51:28

We have been emailing customers over the past few months and most have made the change already. We have now set 16th July 2018 as the date at which the old servers will be switched off, and so we request the remaining customers to make the change or contact our support team who help you make the changes.

We will be sending final reminders, via email, to customers who are using old settings.

16 Jul 12:23:42
We are working on making these changes today.
16 Jul 12:25:59
It looks like webmail has been unexpectedly affected too, which we are investigating.
16 Jul 12:53:01
Webmail is fixed, but if you are seeing errors you need to log out and log in again.
Started 15 Jan 11:00:00