13 May 17:08:35
[Broadband] Moving customers to the new TalkTalk Network from 23rd April - Completed
Posted: 18 Apr 11:04:49

We are finally able to move all our TalkTalk circuits on the the new TalkTalk network. We've had customers testing the new network since November last year; the new network brings increased capacity and increased resilience.

From Monday 23rd April, we will start moving small batches of lines over to the new network by forcing a PPP reconnect. This will happen overnight and we expect this to take 11 nights to complete.

23 Apr 10:10:08
TalkTalk have completed their work and new PPP logins from now on will connect over their new network. Existing connections will carry on working, but a PPP reconnect will connect over the new network. Starting from tonight we will be moving over batches of lines as part of our LNS upgrades which are happening. https://aastatus.net/2518
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