1 Jun 15:09:00
[Broadband] TT DSL Blips - Closed
Posted: 1 Jun 14:17:23

Since roughly 13:43 it was noticed that a lot of our TT DSL lines were flapping.

After initial investigation we have concluded our physical fibres and BGP sessions have remained up. Therefore we believe the issue to be within TalkTalk's network.

We are chasing TT at the moment.

1 Jun 14:24:01
TT have raised a major incident their side and are still investigating.
1 Jun 17:40:08

15:09, TalkTalk say: Our engineers have confirmed that the multiple impacted circuits have now recovered and service has been restored for impacted customers.

Our own monitoring shows the fault was fixed at around 14:20 today.

Started 1 Jun 13:43:12
Closed 1 Jun 15:09:00