4 Jul
[Broadband and Ethernet] Router upgrades - Completed
Posted: 4 Jun 10:27:16
We will be doing some router upgrades over night over the next few days, and may follow with rolling LNS updates.
18 Jun 17:19:03
We are doing ongoing work on this, and so there will be more overnight upgrades this week, and rolling LNS upgrades next week.
21 Jun 11:26:13
Rolling LNS updates start tonight
22 Jun 10:35:49
Rolling LNS upgrade is being restarted tonight, so a.gormless will be reloaded at 3am. Note some data will be lost on graphs from midnight to 3am or 4am for such customers (those on the "A" LNS).
Started 5 Jun
Closed 4 Jul
Previously expected 30 Jun