Fri 06 Jul 2018, 12:00
Higher Speed FTTP services now Available (160M down, 30M up) - Info
Posted: Fri 06 Jul

We are pleased to announce that 160M FTTP services are now available to existing and new customers.

Customers with an existing 80M FTTP service can email in to our sales team to request an upgrade. The 160M option costs an extra £10/month. New customers can order via our order/quote form:

A couple of important notes...

1. If you use the availability checker, either use a phone number of a line at the address, or use a postcode and follow the link to do a full address check. Just checking on postcode is not good enough.

2. We are not doing FTTP-on-demand. All the quotes we have done have been crazy (more than a normal fibre Ethernet install in some cases) and as we understand it from other ISPs the lead times and hassle are still untenable.

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