7 Jul 17:03:00
[Broadband] iPlayer stopped streaming - Closed
Posted: 7 Jul 16:59:50
We're investigating why iPlayer stopped streaming a few minutes before the end of the England football match. It appears to have affected other ISPs too...
7 Jul 17:00:36
Looks like an iPlayer problem rather then a problem local to A&A customers.
7 Jul 17:00:51
http://downdetector.co.uk/problems/iplayer suggests iplayer has problems.
7 Jul 17:02:30
Best to switch to BBC1. Spoiler alert - we won.
7 Jul 17:03:44
The UHD 4K streams were unaffected.
Resolution Unfortunately the problem was due to the BBC having problems of some sort that affected people up and down the country and not related to specific ISPs. Service was resumed by 17:03
Started 7 Jul 16:48:00
Closed 7 Jul 17:03:00