3 Aug 03:38:00
[General] Core infrastructure updates - Completed
Posted: 30 Jul 14:17:34
Between 02:00 - 04:00 on the 3rd August we will be updating software on core infrastructure. Expect service disruption during this time.
3 Aug 02:05:38
This work is starting, there will be some PPP reconnects as lines are moved around.
3 Aug 03:02:52
The work is nearly complete. There was a number of PPP drops and reconnects, and some lines were down for a little while during this work. We do apologise for that.
Resolution The network has settled down, and we're back to normal. We have seen a couple of lines that have not reconnected - on these cases a reboot of the router/modem at the customer side may bring it back in to life.
Started 3 Aug 02:00:00 by AA Staff
Closed 3 Aug 03:38:00
Previously expected 3 Aug 04:00:00