Router upgrade: Ethernet services
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Feb 28, 04:23 PM (9 months ago)
Ethernet services
Mar 02, 02:00 AM (8¾ months ago)
Mar 09, 02:57 AM (8½ months ago)
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    8¾ months ago by Andrew

    We will be upgrading the two routers that provide service to our Ethernet 'leased-line' customers. This is a physical router upgrade from a FireBrick FB6000 to a FireBrick FB9000.

    There should be minimal interruption to service as we will move traffic to the resilient/spare router whilst we perform the work.

    This work will be done in three stages, on separate weeks as follows:.

    Stage one will happen overnight on Thursday 2nd March, where we will move traffic on the the backup router.

    Stage two will happen overnight on Thursday 9th March, where we will move traffic on to the new, primary, router.

    Stage three will happen after a couple of weeks, where we will upgrade the backup router to a FireBrick FB9000.

    8¾ months ago by Andrew

    Stage one has been completed - Traffic for our Ethernet services is now being handled by our backup router. This work will continue next week, Thursday 9th March.

    8½ months ago by Andrew

    This work has been completed. Stage three will be planned as a separate status post shortly.

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