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28 Feb 02:00:00
Posted: 21 Feb 10:46:11
On the 28/2/18 between 2am and 6pm BTW have planned works to migrate customers connected via the Cardiff POSI (Point of service Interconnects) nodes to new hardware. The work is expected to take 25 - 45 minutes.
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Posted: 15 Dec 2017 11:52:57

We have lots of work happening in January regarding our interconnects to both BT and TalkTalk:

New physical fibres to BT: This increases our capacity. New TalkTalk network: This increases TalkTalk's capacity.

We already have customers trialling the new TalkTalk network and we'll be asking for customers to trial the new BT interconnects early January.

Both of these changes will not require our customers to make any changes, and we'll be moving circuits to the new networks overnight on separate occasions. We've not got the dates of these works yet, but this status post will be updated early January with more details.

8 Jan 13:53:10
BT testing is underway: https://aastatus.net/2488
11 Jan 13:34:23
Moving customers the new BT pipes will start from Monday 15th January: https://aastatus.net/2490
11 Jan 13:35:03
We're still waiting for TalkTalk to finish some work on their side before we can start moving TalkTalk customers over.
26 Jan 14:01:37
BT circuits are now on the new interconnects. Due to TalkTalk needing to wait for new software releases from their vendor (Juniper), moving our TalkTalk circuits over to their new network won't happen until mid-March 2018.
2 Mar 14:43:10
The move to the new TalkTalk network will happen in April - the exact date will be announced nearer the time. The impact this has to customers will be very minimal though - a PPP reconnect overnight.
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