08 Jun 2011 11:30:21
[General] World IPv6 Day is here - Info
Posted: 08 Jun 2011 08:13:58

For those of you that did not realise, it is World IPv6 Day today.

This really should make no difference to any of our customers.

If you have working IPv6 on your network then some places, like facebook, will be accessed via IPv6 today. You already had google on IPv6 anyway. There are many other major players involved as well.

If you don't have IPv6 set up then nothing changes.

If you had a broken IPv6 setup, which is what this test is all about, then you already had problems with our web site, email servers, and google, anyway, so this is kind of unlikely.

If you think you have problems, please let us know. We're interested to get feedback on any issues people have.

Started 08 Jun 2011 01:00:00
Previously expected 09 Jun 2011 00:59:59