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    0 seconds ago by Adrian

    For some reason people always pop up and ask this every bank / public holiday, and even more so this week.

    As per our web site, the daytime usage rate is:-

    9am-6pm Mon-Fri

    That is what it says. It really is crystal clear. From this you can work out of *Monday* and *Tuesday* between 9am and 6pm this week are normal daytime usage.

    I can see that maybe there is some confusion because we usually announce that Christmas week is a special rate. Even so, this week is not Christmas either. I am not sure how we can make it clearer, to be honest. Suggestions welcome.

    7 years ago

    I do apologise for this post being a tad condescending. There are, of course, many things where public holidays are a special rate, and many where they are not. I think we do make it clear.

    Whilst we don't really have to give reasons for why we do things this way, it is just the way we have chosen to do the pricing, there are, of course, some purely practical reasons - such as the fact that public holidays are regional, and vary over England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, all of which have our services.

    There is no intention to be difficult, or cryptic in the terms and pricing - they really are meant to be clear. One of our aims as a company is to be open an honest. It is just a tad frustrating when, having made it clear, people continue to make assumptions and then get annoyed that they were wrong.

    We have decided to give the staff today (Tuesday) off as well. There is, as usual, some level of support on irc where staff are putting in some of their own time. There is, as usualy, support for major outages. Sereval of us are working this weekend, including various router upgrades and software development.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend.