Retransmission (G.INP) issues and Trial
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Apr 27, 02:56 PM (9 years ago)
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Apr 27, 02:51 PM (9 years ago)
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    9 years ago by Shaun

    Previously Openreach had advised that they intend to run a trial starting today on a small set of lines; where devices aren’t retransmission compatible in the upstream to see if changing certain parameters removes the latency and maintains the other benefits of retransmission. They have now advised us that the trial start date has been put back by two weeks (no idea why) So if you have an FTTC line that is affected by this then please drop an email to support and we can include it in the list of affected lines that we will get included in the trial.

    9 years ago by Shaun

    Openreach have advised they will start loading the new DLM profiles to lines on Tuesday morning as part of regular DLM runs. Customers that are on the trial will notice a loss of sync when the new profiles are updated.

    8¾ years ago by Shaun

    Apologise for the delay in updating this post. BT have confirmed that all trial lines have been loaded with the new profiles, further to this BT have confirmed that all other affected lines have now had the new profiles loaded. That is all lines across all providers.