New free install TT ADSL/VDSL terabyte options
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Jun 03, 12:00 AM (4½ years ago)
2260 / AA2260
    4½ years ago by Adrian

    We now have new options for VDSL (Fibre to the cabinet capped at 80/20) with terabyte allowance and free install. This no longer forces you to include the phone line copper pair.

    We also now have the option if you are taking over the phone line and it has a BT number you want to keep where we can port the number to VoIP. This is a cost for phone line install or take over.

    This gives a lot more choice on the Terabyte services. It also allows ordering where the line is on a satellite exchange and could not get TT MPF (phone line) before. Do try the order form to see if it is available to you now.

    4½ years ago by Adrian

    We have worked out that around half of the customers currently with ADSL services could upgrade to VDSL. We are working on showing the estimated speed for FTTC upgrade on the control pages and bills.