Ongoing tariff changes
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Sep 04, 05:19 PM (3½ years ago)
2430 / AA2430
    3½ years ago by Adrian

    We have a number of tariff changes planned, after a lot of interesting comments from my blog post - thank you all.

    Some things are simple, and we are able to do sooner rather than later, like the extra 50GB already announced. Some will not be until mid to late October as they depend on other factors. Some may take longer still.

    To try and ensure we get improvements as quickly as possible for customers I am updating a news item on our web site with details as we go.

    As you will see, we are testing a change to make top-up on Home::1/SoHo::1 not expire. We have the end of a period (full moon) in two days where we can see if code changes work as expected on a live customer line. If all goes well then later this week we can change the description on the web site and officially launch this change.

    Do check that page for updates and new features we are adding as we go.

    3½ years ago by Adrian

    We have made top-up on Home::1 and SoHo::1 not expire, continuing until you have used it all. This applies to any top-up purchased from now on.