Testing the New TalkTalk Network
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    Post created: 4¾ years ago by Andrew

    "TalkTalk have built a new Juniper LTS solution in order to:

    • Increase the total subscribers per TalkTalk LTS
    • Increase of the throughput capacity per chassis
    • Assist with load balancing
    • Increase network resilience"

    In other words, they have been working on a new network for some time which should see the end of the various minor congestion issues that we've been seeing and will mean the have ample capacity for the future.

    Before we migrate all our customers over we are asking for some customers to test this new network. Testing simply means us making some changes and the customer changing their PPP username slightly. Everything else works the same.

    If you would like to test, please send an email with your login to: trial@aa.net.uk and we'll get back to you with further instructions.

    We are one of the first ISPs that will be using the new network and we expect to move all our customers over before the end of November but we have not set a date yet.

    4½ years ago by Andrew

    Customers on the TalkTalk trial will be moved to a new LTS this afternoon. The LTS is the router at TalkTalks end of our links to them. This involves a PPP re-connect and this will be carried out by TalkTalk. Your router shoudl log back in within a few seconds. This new LTS has newer software which we're testing to see if some of the bugs we've reported are fixed. We'll post more about this shortly.

    4½ years ago by Andrew

    Update: The new network on the whole is performing well. We have been working with TalkTalk engineers and Juniper developers to help fix some problems. The main problem is that some lines fail to establish PPP, we have implemented a workaround on our LNSs and Juniper working towards a permanent fix for this.
    We don't yet have a date when we'll move all customers across to the new network. We do hope this will be before Christmas bust due to the holidays it may be early January.

    4½ years ago by Andrew

    Due to TalkTalk needing to wait for new software releases from their vendor (Juniper), moving our TalkTalk circuits over to their new network won't happen until mid-March 2018. We are still happy to have customers on the trial.

    4¼ years ago by Andrew

    We will be migrating all TalkTalk circuits over to the new network from 23rd April. We'd like to thank the customers who have been testing the new network, it has been useful. We had identified a couple of issues and have worked with TalkTalk who in turn have worked with their vendor, Juniper, to fix these. Customers still using @a.8 and @a.9 logins should get in touch with our Support team to get moved back to the normal @a.1 and @a.2 once the migration has fully completed. (there will be a separate status post about this)

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