Looking for customers to trial our new IMAP/POP3 email servers
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New Mail Servers
Jan 10, 02:00 PM (7½ months ago)
Jan 14, 08:00 PM (7¼ months ago)
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    7½ months ago by Andrew

    We've been working on new email servers and are now ready for customers to test them out. What's new is the storage servers; these give us increased capacity and faster performance and resilience. Customers would not need to make any changes to their email programs and the feature set offered is the same as the existing servers.

    If you would like to have your email moved to the new servers then you'll need to be an existing customer with email (IMAP/POP3) services with us. Email your domain in to trial@aa.net.uk

    We'll be looking for feedback from customers and we'll be available in IRC during the working day to discuss any problems. That said, our staff have been using the new servers for a few months now and we do not anticipate any problems for customers using the new servers.

    7¼ months ago by Andrew

    Thank you to those who have responded. We have replied individually. We plan to migrate out customers to new backend over the coming weeks. We'll add a new post when this process starts - but to reiterate - customers will not need to make any changes on their side.

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