Moving customers to new 'back end' email servers - Long term project
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Jan 17, 04:00 PM (1 year ago)
Mar 01, 10:00 AM (11 months ago)
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    1 year ago by Andrew

    We're starting the process of moving customers to new back end storage servers. This is a process that is being done as seamlessly as possible and should not be noticed by customers. Customers do not need to make any change to their email programs.

    The reason for this work is fourfold: increase the storage capacity we have available, improve resilience, improve performance and improve the ease of further capacity upgrades in the future.

    We expect this work to take a few weeks to complete.

    11½ months ago by Andrew

    Just an update on the progress. So far we have moved about a quarter of the mailboxes over to the new servers. We hope to be able to speed up the process this week.

    11¼ months ago by Andrew

    We are still moving mailboxes to the new severs and have currently moved two thirds. We expect the remaining to take another week or so. There have been a few problems over the past couple of weeks with the old servers which has caused some short outages. We do apologise for this and are moving customers as quickly as possible.

    11 months ago by Andrew

    We are pleased to say that we have completed moving all mailboxes over to our new back-end servers. We still have some work to do to finish off this project, but all customers email is now being served from our new set of servers.

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