Maidenhead datacentre switch replacement (Part 2)
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Maidenhead - Colo and some services
Oct 18, 01:00 AM (27¼ days ago)
Oct 18, 06:15 AM (27 days ago)
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    27¼ days ago by Andrew

    On Friday 18th October from 1AM until 4AM we will be replacing a pair of core network switches in our Maidenhead datacentre.

    This will affect customers who we collocate servers for, some VoIP services, customer websites, access to our control pages and some outbound email services.

    We expect there to be a couple of periods where connectivity to these services will be down for around 5-15 minutes at a time as we re-patch cables.

    We'll update this post as the work is carried out.

    This work is part of some wider work we're carrying out in Maidenhead over the next couple of months, and we'll be posting further planned work in due course.

    27¼ days ago by Andrew

    This work is nearly complete. Unfortunately the work did cause a longer than expected outage of some services. We are still working on a couple of minor issues, but service should be back up and running as normal.

    27 days ago by Andrew

    Work has been completed.

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