Timos upgrade to R15.0r15-1 (Location: Multiple Site)
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Assumed Completed
BT Maintenance
Feb 18, 12:01 AM (11 months ago)
Feb 18, 06:00 AM (11 months ago)
33514 / PW533025
    11 months ago

    Timos upgrade to R15.0r15-1
    Downtime:0 Weeks 0 Days 4 Hours 0 Minutes
    We need to make a change to BT\'s UK Core Network that will unfortunately impact your services.
    A list of your impacted services is attached;
    (This could take up to 48 hours)
    We\'re upgrading some 21C network hardware and software in the Multiple Site region. This involves a software upgrade and some hardware changes on the device in a single night. 
    The outage to all customers will be after 01:00 for approx. 15 minutes  whilst the device is rebooted. This could extend to 60 minutes if roll back is required to reboot to the old code. 
    Customers may experience a second outage of about 60 minutes while we upgrade the interface card connecting their circuit. This could be extended to 2 hours if roll back is required. 
    We plan to be finished by 04:00 , however if we encounter additional problems, service outage could extend to 06:00
    Ethernet Connection Service 2 Ethernet Access Service 1 
    Multiple Site

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