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Mar 20, 09:30 AM (14½ days ago)
Mar 28, 10:00 AM (6½ days ago)
34258 / AA34258
    14½ days ago by Andrew

    Over the coming couple days we will be configuring four additional LNSs on to our network. LNSs are the routers that customer broadband lines connect to and these will increase our capacity. These were physically installed in to the datacentre earlier on in the year so we don't need to send staff in to London. There will be some disruption as part of this as we will need to force broadband lines to reconnect to these new LNSs. We'll be doing this overnight so as to minimise disruption. We'll update this post prior to the overnight work.

    9½ days ago by Andrew

    We're planning to start bringing the new LNSs in to service today.

    9¼ days ago by Andrew

    We'll be moving the first batch of lines over to new LNSs overnight (26th March), these will be line that are currently on the LNS called 'P.Gormless'. Moving a line requires us to PPP kill the line and then it'll reconnect a few moments later. The time of the drop will be according to the 'LNS reset' setting on your line in the Control Pages, with the default being 1AM. We'll be moving further batches of lines during the rest of this week,

    8½ days ago by Andrew

    As planned, a small amount of lines were moved last night. We'll be moving a larger batch overnight tonight (27th AM) and the remaining tomorrow night (28th AM).

    7¼ days ago by Andrew

    The remaining lines will be moved overnight tonight.

    6½ days ago by Andrew

    This work has been completed successfully. We have an additional four LNSs in service which increases our overall capacity.

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