Power outages at Maidenhead Datacentre (3 of 3)
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VoIP, Control Pages, Customer collocation
Feb 07, 02:00 PM (20¼ days ago)
Feb 07, 02:45 PM (20¼ days ago)
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    20¼ days ago by Andrew

    Our Maidenhead datacentre is undergoing major electrical infrastructure upgrades which will affect our services in the following ways:

    Sunday 31st January, Afternoon, We moved all our equipment on to temporary power feeds.

    Saturday 6th February, Afternoon: Power at risk as the datacentre replace our original power feeds - We will be running on the temporary power feeds during this work so service should be unaffected.

    Sunday 7th February, Afternoon: We moving our equipment, again, this time on the new power feeds. Similar to the work on 31st January there will be a period of a few minutes where some of our services in Maidenhead will be offline. This will be minimal due to most devices having dual power supply feeds and will not need to be powered down during this work.

    Broadband and general internet access will be unaffected.

    20¼ days ago by Andrew

    This work has been completed with minimal impact to service.

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