5 Sep 14:30:00
[Broadband] High Latency in East of England areas from 11AM - Closed
Posted: 5 Sep 12:01:04
We are seeing very high latency - over 1,000ms on many lines in the East of England. Typically around the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk area. This is affecting BT circuits, TalkTalk circuits are OK. We are investigating further and contacting BT. We suspect this is a failed link within the BT network in the Cambridge area. More details to follow shortly.
5 Sep 12:28:00

Example line graph.
5 Sep 12:35:38
We're currently awaiting a response from BT regarding this.
5 Sep 12:37:16
BT are now actively investigating the fault.
5 Sep 14:04:16
As expected, this is affecting other ISPs who use BT backhaul.
5 Sep 14:23:02
Latest update from BT:- "The Transmission group are investigating further they are carrying out tests on network nodes, As soon as they have identified an issue we will advise you further. We apologies for any inconvenience caused while testing is carried out."
5 Sep 14:34:35
Latency is now back to normal. We will post again when we hear back from BT.
Resolution BT have confirmed that a card in one of their routers was replaced yesterday to resolve this.
Started 5 Sep 11:00:00
Closed 5 Sep 14:30:00