IMAP and POP3 access problems
MAJOR Closed Email - POP3 and IMAP
Email - POP3 and IMAP
Dec 12, 10:15 AM (1¼ years ago)
Dec 12, 10:30 AM (1¼ years ago)
27111 / AA27111
    1¼ years ago by Andrew

    We're investigating a problem on one of our email back end file servers - this will be affecting customers accessing their email by POP3 and IMAP at the moment

    1¼ years ago by Andrew

    A RAID card has reset itself and has not recovered automatically. We're needing to reboot the server; this is happening now.

    1¼ years ago by Andrew

    The file server is back online and we're going though the mail servers to get them back online. Customers should have access to their mail again shortly.

    We don't believe any mail has been lost, but connection to the mail servers will be a little slow as everything catches up.

    1¼ years ago by Andrew

    Mail is mostly back to normal now - POP3 and IMAP may be a little slower than usual.

    1¼ years ago by Andrew

    The RAID card on one of the file servers locked up and needed a hard reboot. No mail was lost and service has been restored. From the new year we will be migrating customers off this file server and on to our new email back ends. More information about this will be posted in the new year - but will not need customers to make any changes at their side.

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