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12 Jun 2015 11:06:49
12 Jun 2015 11:00:23
Our office connectivity blipped. We have internet again, but our phones are down. We're investigating. This is not customer affecting.
12 Jun 2015 11:06:49
Phones are working again.
Previously expected 12 Jun 2015 14:57:07

12 Mar 2015 09:48:01
12 Mar 2015 09:48:01
Our wiki at http://wiki.aa.org.uk/ will be down for a while today due to an internal PEW. Sorry for any inconvenience.

03 Jun 2014 17:00:00
03 Jun 2014 18:20:39
The router upgrades went well, and now there is a new factory release we'll be doing some rolling upgrades over the next few days. Should be minimal disruption.
03 Jun 2014 18:47:21
First batch of updates done.
Started 03 Jun 2014 17:00:00
Previously expected 07 Jun 2014

14 May 17:36:17
14 May 17:36:17

I have added some more features to card printing.


It now included linear barcodes including code 39, code 128, EAN13, UPC, EAN8, EAN5 and ITF

Started 14 May 17:34:55

12 May 17:00:28
12 May 16:58:38

We use IRC all the time here at AAISP, both internally between staff teams and in helping our customers. Many customers have their own IRC client setup on their computer whilst others pop in to the IRC channel by using the web-based version we provide via our website.

To help improve the experience for customers using our web-based irc client we have a new one to try:


We'll be updating our links on the website to the new one next week, but feel free to try out the new client.
Started 12 May 16:50:00

19 Apr 12:42:22
[General] - DRIPA - Info
16 Jul 2014 10:13:15
Just to be clear on our policy here - when DRIPA comes in to force, and if A&A become subject to a retention notice for all customers, we aim to work on all practical legal means to minimise the amount of data retained under that legislation - making full use of the bad wording in the Schedule in the 2009 regulations where possible. We also aim to clearly publish what is retained under such a notice and what steps we have taken to minimise such data. Such steps may mean separate companies running email or other services, or even hosting some servers outside the UK, if those are practical steps we can take. Why? Because blanket mass surveillance is illegal under EU law as it is against our basic human right to privacy as decided by a court, that's why! Feel free to comment on my blog.
Started 15 Jul 2014

14 Apr 16:26:42
21 Dec 2015 08:46:32
Please see our most recent newsletter: aa.net.uk/news-2016-01.html
Started 21 Dec 2015 08:45:00

15 Mar 14:18:05
15 Mar 14:18:05
Good news! Starting from 2nd April our office will be open on Saturdays.

We will have Technical Support staff available between 10am and 3pm each Saturday. Customers will be able to contact us in all the usual ways: Phone, email, IRC etc.

Whilst the staff are in the technical support department they will be able to answer general sales and accounts queries too.

In summary, from April, our opening times will be:
Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm
Sat 10am to 3pm
Started 15 Mar 14:00:00 by AA Staff

23 Feb 10:19:54
02 Dec 2015 10:07:35
Here are the office opening hours for Christmas: Thu 24th Open 8am - 4pm Fri 25th Closed Sat 26th Closed Sun 27th Closed Mon 28th Closed Tue 29th Open 9am - 5pm Wed 30th Open 9am - 5pm Thur 31st Open 9am - 4pm Fri 1st Closed Sat 2nd Closed Sun 3rd Closed Mon 4th Back to normal We are pleased to confirm that customers on our "units" based tariffs will again benefit from a Christmas special rate between Christmas and New Year. The three normal working days between Christmas and New Year will be a Christmas special rate which consumes no units regardless of the amount of usage. That is 29th Dec, 30th Dec, and 31st Dec. The 26th Dec and 27th Dec being normal Weekend rates. The 25th Dec, 28th Dec, 1st Jan, and (for lines in Scotland) 4th Jan, are the "Holiday" rate (same usage levels as weekends).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at A&A

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23 Feb 10:19:21
09 Dec 2015 13:54:05
Christmas 2015 poem from A&A to our customers, well-wishers and friends in the industry.


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20 Feb 18:56:00
15 Feb 10:38:33
As part of our core network upgrades on Saturday 20th February we'll be replacing switches on the Telecity side of our network. Most of our connectivity is via Telehouse and so disruption will be minimal and we do not expect customers to be affected by this. Traffic that normally goes via Telecity will be moved over to Telehouse. The work will be carried out during the day.
20 Feb 12:00:41
The work in Telecity will be starting from around 1pm today. As mentioned, we expect customer impact to be very low, at worst there may be a few seconds where some routes are unavailable, but this will be kept to a minimum.
20 Feb 15:57:21
We've had an issue moving one of our routers. This has caused a blip, and for some customers, parts of the Internet to become temporarily unavailable. We are working on it, and apologise for the inconvenience.
20 Feb 16:02:54
Fixed now. Sorry. We replaced two cables, and reconnected them back to front. Really. We then looked at all the complicated reasons for the failure, then finally re-checked the cables. Then spotted they were the wrong way around. Sorry again.
Resolution This work has now been completed.
Started 20 Feb 11:00:00
Closed 20 Feb 18:56:00

7 Feb 17:08:10
23 Oct 2015 09:42:55

Following the recent media attention to the 'cyberattack' and possible data theft from TalkTalk, we asked our account manager how this affects us and our customers. The response was: "The attack was on our consumer website and doesn't impact our partner accounts and customers."

The service we buy from TalkTalk is their wholesale/'partner' account services which is kept separate from TalkTalk's 'consumer' services as much as possible. At the moment in time AAISP are confident that the statement above means that our own data and our customer's data is unaffected by this recent attack.

TalkTalk's own statement can be found here: http://help2.talktalk.co.uk/oct22incident

Started 23 Oct 2015 09:30:00

31 Dec 2015 13:32:37
31 Dec 2015 13:31:30
The office is going to be unmanned as of 2PM today. This means that there will be no telephone support available, however we do still have staff working remotely answering emails and text messages.

We wish all our customers a Happy New Year!
Started 31 Dec 2015 13:26:15

15 Dec 2015 16:15:00
15 Dec 2015 09:43:03
We'll be doing some general maintenance on our London racks today. This is minor works in preparation of further work early next year as we expand our network. We don't expect any problems to arise.
Resolution Completed successfully.
Started 15 Dec 2015 09:30:00
Closed 15 Dec 2015 16:15:00

19 Nov 2015 11:49:24
18 Nov 2015 21:13:36
We are investigating a network issue affecting most customers with packet loss - this impacts broadband, ethernet, VoIP, and all services.
18 Nov 2015 21:50:44
We're still working on this....
18 Nov 2015 22:23:32
We are being severely DOS'd, our usual anti-DOS systems have not helped this time due to the nature of the attack. Needless to say, we are working to mitigate this.
18 Nov 2015 22:40:25
Things are not perfect, but we have mitigated most of the problems
19 Nov 2015 00:11:00
The network has been stable for over an hour now. There are are a very small number of customers who are offline. We will be contacting them in the morning, However do call our Support Team from 8am.
19 Nov 2015 07:20:56
Whilst service is mostly stable, we are going to have to do more work on this during the day. We'll try and keep disruption to a minimum.
19 Nov 2015 09:03:54
The DDOS has moved to a new target block which has caused more problems again - we are working on this still, but service is improving again.
19 Nov 2015 09:04:57
Looking good now - a handful of customers off line totally but we are working on that now.
19 Nov 2015 09:19:29
Side Note: This wasn't an attacks against our network or servers specifically, it wasn't a 'hacking' attempt like we've seen in the news recently. This was a denial of service attack, probably, against a particular customer. We may not get to the bottom of why this customer was attacked but we are investigating.
19 Nov 2015 10:02:26
Some customer are having their WAN IP address changed to get them on-line. Some customers with blocks of IPs are being contacted regarding a change of IP address block. Obviously if you need the IP to be reinstated once this issue is resolved, we are happy to do that.
19 Nov 2015 11:31:50
Looking a lot better now - monitoring carefully. Impacted customers should now be on line.
Resolution Whilst the attack has now stopped, we have a number of things we still need to do. Thank you for your patience and understanding. More details http://aa.net.uk/news-20151119-dos.html
Started 18 Nov 2015 20:50:00
Closed 19 Nov 2015 11:49:24

26 Nov 2015 08:58:28
19 Nov 2015 18:55:47
Over the next few days we expect to upgrade a number of internal routers - this is part of ongoing work to improve the way we handle DoS attacks in future.
19 Nov 2015 20:14:13
Some work was started tonight, we expect to do more over the next few days.
20 Nov 2015 08:01:23
Some more work this morning - trying to keep any disruption to a minimum.
20 Nov 2015 08:43:57
Some of the updates over the weekend may mean some broadband graphs lose the first few hours of the day.
23 Nov 2015 11:23:00
As part of this work we are doing some further work as described in this post: https://aastatus.net/2180
Started 19 Nov 2015 18:54:58
Closed 26 Nov 2015 08:58:28

30 Jun 2015 16:26:40
30 Jun 2015 16:27:00
We're investigating some sort of issue affecting lots of broadband showing some packet loss.
30 Jun 2015 16:34:37
Seems to be recovering, and we are trying to find cause now.
Resolution Further issues during the night allowed us to track down the source of the problem which was a compromised customer hosted machine. Steps are being taken to address this in future.
Started 30 Jun 2015 16:16:40
Closed 30 Jun 2015 16:26:40

04 Jun 2015 22:52:32
04 Jun 2015 16:53:51
We tend to do server maintenance on Thursday evenings. We'll be doing some security updates on servers this evening which will involve some reboots. These tend to be quick, and so service should only be affected for a few minutes. We'll be rebooting the following servers: Control Pages, Email servers, Web servers as well as a few servers that are not accessed by customers directly.
Resolution This work has been completed.
Started 04 Jun 2015 22:00:00
Closed 04 Jun 2015 22:52:32

12 May 2015 13:43:30
10 May 2015 15:04:57
We are making a number of minor changes to the billing system, so as to improve the way the bills are presented, and importantly to improve the quality of the code itself. The billing system has had to evolve over more than 18 years and is in need of some tidying. We are not changing prices, and so bills should not actually change in total. We are changing the order that things are presented, and in some cases the number of line items shown, to try and make the bills clearer. There are a lot of different scenarios to test, and we aim to catch them all, but if anyone thinks there is a billing error, or simply something that looks confusing, please do let us know right away. Rest assured that will work to correct any billing errors promptly if they do occur.
12 May 2015 13:42:36
Changes have gone well, and dry runs of next month's invoices show the amounts match up. We are pretty confident that there will not be any issues, but please do let us know of any problems with invoices.
Started 01 May 2015
Previously expected 02 Jun 2015

06 May 2015 14:03:19
05 May 2015 16:29:43
Our office internet is currently offline. We're arranging our backup connection at the moment.
05 May 2015 16:55:40
We're making progress on our backup link as well as investigating the cause of the main fault.
05 May 2015 18:57:51
We do apologise about our connectivity problems this afternoon. We have been running on our backup FTTC line, and we're investigating why the direct fibre is down.
06 May 2015 10:34:33
Our main internet connection is still down this morning. We have a number of BT engineers working on this at the moment. This does mean that we are running on our backup FTTC links and most things are working OK! Some telephone calls are a little temperamental, we'd appreciate customers using IRC or email where possible, see: http://aa.net.uk/kb-irc.html for details of connecting to IRC. We hope to be back to normal later this morning.
06 May 2015 11:57:53
BT have identified 2 faults with our fibre. They have fixed one of them (a kink in a fibre patch lead in Bracknell exchange) and are investigating the second (low light level on one leg).
Resolution We're all back to normal now!
Started 05 May 2015 16:25:00
Closed 06 May 2015 14:03:19

01 Apr 2015 09:01:39
01 Apr 2015 09:01:39

We have extended our support hours, which are now 8am to 6pm, Mon-Fri, except (English) public holidays.

Previously we worked 9am to 5pm, and sales/accounts still do. However the support staff can usually address simple/urgent queries in those areas if necessary.

Occasionally we do have people ask why we only work office hours, and it is worth trying to explain this. Many ISPs do, indeed, have 24 hour telephone support, for example.

For most of our services, there are faults that come in two flavours. Either there is some big issue (a major outage), in which case we have staff, getting involved in fixing things whatever time it is, or an individual line fault for DSL. It is pretty rare to have individual faults for VoIP, SIMs, etc, but you can, of course, get line faults for DSL.

When it comes to individual DSL faults, there are a load of things people can do at home/office to eliminate equipment and test for themselves, and we offer various on-line tests via our control pages.[1] This can help resolve things. But the issues that don't just go away, and would require support staff to do something, are almost always something that needs a BT engineer to go out.

With very few exceptions, BT engineers are not going to be going our any quicker if we book them next working day at 9am. So having support staff take calls in the middle of the night would not usually be any help. We also have no intention of farming support out to call centres following scripts.

However, we have decided to extend the hours a bit. The reasons being :- BT engineers work 8am to 6pm normally, and so we can help address any issues that come up with an engineer visit, and talk to the engineer or our customer about it at the time. This has already been seen with some 8am visits by engineers who are confused by the notes and need us to explain. Starting at 8am gives customers a chance to resolve issues that can be resolved by talking to support before the usual working day for most people. If it is a line fault, that is not much help, but if it is a matter of swap a router or reboot something, we can offer the necessary advice before you have an office full of people that cannot work. Starting at 8am and finishing a 6pm allows a lot of people that work during the day to contact us from home where they have an issue with their home broadband. We know some customers appreciate that. We have increased the number of support staff, allowing some staggered working hours so that we can offer this. But please do bear in mind, we do have irc[2], with a simple web front end, which can offer various help and advice by staff and other customers at all sorts of times. It is informal support from staff outside normal hours, but is usually available. We are thinking of perhaps extending this to be more formal evening irc support at some point maybe, with a rota of some sort.

Obviously we're interested in feedback on how the new support hours work for customers.

[1]Faults help page [2] Contact Page
Started 01 Apr 2015 09:00:00

08 Apr 2015 16:54:12
31 Mar 2015 16:24:26
Over the next few days we are working on some minor changes to the way we handle passwords on the control pages (clueless). At these first stages you should see no impact, but there is a risk of issues, and we would ask anyone with problems logging in to control pages, changing passwords, or logging in to DSL, SIMs, etc, to let us know. Each stage is being tested on our test system and then deployed, with the first stage expected to be updated tonight. The final stage will mean a change on where passwords are visible, and the processes for issuing and changing passwords. We'll post more details closer to the time. This is all part of ongoing work to improve security. Thank you for your understanding.
02 Apr 2015 15:53:01
The first stage seems to have gone well - our test/monitoring has been working well to help us check any anomalies and ensure consistency. The next stage should be equally harmless as it means changing over various systems to use the new password hashes. We plan to work on this over Easter. We will then go on to change the way passwords are issued when ordering and updated when customers wish to change them. This work is all part of general review and update of security for passwords on our various systems. Thank you for your understanding.
03 Apr 2015 12:55:34
We are progressing with updates - the login to the control pages is now switched over to the new hashes - any issues, please let me know on irc, but all looks good from here. The RADIUS logins have changed over as well, to use line based passwords (which are same as control pages login passwords at present). Again, please let us know any issues, but so far all looks well. The next step later today will be a change to how you change the password on the control pages - this will move to the same system we use on the accounts pages - an emailed link that offers a new passwords via https. This is safer than plain text emailed passwords. Once that is complete, we plan to update he way passwords are issued when ordering new services, which will hopefully be done later today. There will then be more testing and cleaning up to be done later.
04 Apr 2015 06:53:08
The first side effect that has been noted is that passwords on the control pages are now case-sensitive. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
04 Apr 2015 11:19:58
We expect the work for there weekend to stop now - with more later in the week or next weekend. We are at a stage now that we need to provide some clear documentation on the different levels of passwords and what levels of protection are provided for these in our systems.
05 Apr 2015 13:06:22
We are going ahead with more of the work this weekend now, and expect to separate control page login passwords from Line/DSL login passwords today or tomorrow. We'll post more details once the work is complete. We are currently running tests on out tests systems now.
05 Apr 2015 13:50:44
We have now separated login passwords and line passwords. Any issues, please let us know.
Started 31 Mar 2015 17:00:00
Closed 08 Apr 2015 16:54:12
Previously expected 07 Apr 2015

03 Feb 2015 21:56:57
03 Feb 2015 21:54:51

We have received a few reports from a customers about a popup window claiming to be from us, and encouraging the user to fill in a survey...

This is not from us and we have no connection with it. We wouldn't undertake this kind of activity. We have more information on this wiki page:

Started 03 Feb 2015 20:00:00

08 Jan 2015 12:51:58
08 Jan 2015 12:51:58
We are looking for someone to join our Technical Support team in Bracknell, info here: aa.net.uk/job.pdf
Started 08 Jan 2015 12:50:00

04 Dec 2014 10:18:06
21 Jul 2014 15:49:07
We now have a new official URL for our Status Pages: https://aastatus.net The reason for the change is to make the status pages completely independent of any AAISP infrastructure. They were already hosted on a server in Amsterdam out side of our network, and now the DNS is independent too. Anyone using status.aa.net.uk should update to use aastatus.net
Started 21 Jul 2014 15:45:00

10 Dec 2014 15:25:48
03 Dec 2014 08:26:55
Having sorted the BGP issue this week we will be rolling out upgrades over the next few days with LNS upgrades over night, and some router upgrades early in the mornings.
Started 03 Dec 2014
Closed 10 Dec 2014 15:25:48
Previously expected 08 Dec 2014

02 Dec 2014 08:52:25
20 Nov 2014 09:37:01
We have had a couple of incidents over the last few weeks with some external routes vanishing from our network. Whilst this may seem quite minor it simply should not happen. As such we are working on some investigation over the next few days. This may mean re-loading some routers to add additional diagnostics. In general this is a pretty seamless operation as packets are re-routed around the equipment that is being reloaded. However, there is a small risk of issues.
25 Nov 2014 10:25:38
Investigations are going well and have not needed any changes yet. We may be reloading two routers later today (Tuesday) which should have little or no impact, but will help us with diagnostics.
01 Dec 2014 09:22:04
We think we may have found the cause of the routing issue, and plan to upgrade some routers during the week. This should be relatively seamless.
01 Dec 2014 17:11:04
Some router upgrades this evening (Monday). We have seen this cause a blip on TalkTalk lines before, but hopefully that will not happen this time. In any case we expect any disruption to be a few seconds at most, and for most people none at all.
Resolution The changes seem to have worked. We will also be upgrading again later in the week. Thank you all for your patience.
Started 21 Nov 2014
Closed 02 Dec 2014 08:52:25
Previously expected 08 Dec 2014

10 Nov 2014 09:00:00
05 Nov 2014 13:30:50
Some routers will be updated tomorrow morning, this should have little or no impact. We are also doing LNS upgrades over the next 3 nights anyway.
06 Nov 2014 06:09:29
The upgrades went as planned, but we are extending this PEW to mornings over next few days.
Started 06 Nov 2014
Closed 10 Nov 2014 09:00:00
Previously expected 10 Nov 2014 08:00:00

24 Oct 2014 18:13:53
01 Sep 2014 09:40:46
Once again, the Direct Debits have not gone through on the 1st and so have caused an emailed notice for collection and hence they are going out on the 8th. Obviously they are going out on the date notified in the email, but I appreciate that a few extra days credit may be inconvenient for some people expecting the DD on the 1st. We are working on this. The problem is that the system has been desigend very "defensively" so that any doubt at all on the emailed advance notice will result in a new emailed 5 working days notice to be absolutely sure we are meeting the DD rules.
Resolution This is resolved now
Started 01 Sep 2014
Closed 24 Oct 2014 18:13:53

28 Oct 2014 12:14:13
23 Oct 2014 08:16:55
Over the next few days we expect to do some minor updates. Previous work has made it so that these are seamless, but there is always a risk of some impact. Plans are to do work before 8am though some backup routers may be updated at otehr times (and expect to be no risk). We will also be doing some overnight rolling LNS updates As ever, we may update test routers/LNS at any time.
24 Oct 2014 18:15:46
Updates this morning were around 5am with one extra at 8am, but they show as virtually no disruption to any traffic. Several "B" routers have been done today. We are doing an LNS roll over tonight and more routers in the morning. The testing over the last few weeks has been very good, and allowed us to track down some minor issues that simply did not show on the bench test systems.
Resolution Updates were all completed over the weekend.
Started 24 Oct 2014
Closed 28 Oct 2014 12:14:13
Previously expected 30 Oct 2014

02 Oct 2014 11:05:01
02 Oct 2014 11:05:01
We're updating SSL certificates for our customer facing servers this morning (email, webmail). Users who don't have the CAcert root certificate installed may see errors. Details on http://aa.net.uk/cacert.html
Started 02 Oct 2014 11:04:16

25 Sep 2014 12:07:57
25 Sep 2014 11:48:00
We are investigating a network problem affecting our offices.
25 Sep 2014 11:51:31
This is affecting our telephones.
25 Sep 2014 12:08:45
The office is back online. We had lost IPv4, we're looking in to the cause of this.
Started 25 Sep 2014 11:47:00
Closed 25 Sep 2014 12:07:57

29 Aug 2014 09:00:00
29 Aug 2014 15:39:43
We have had a slight issue with on of our routers which has caused a few seconds of routing blips to some destinations, on a couple of occasions. We're working on this now.
Started 28 Aug 2014
Closed 29 Aug 2014 09:00:00

25 Aug 2014 23:49:30
25 Aug 2014 22:15:51
We are seeing what looks to be routing problems within our network with traffic to/from our Maidenhead datacentre. Routes seem to be flapping and disrupting connectivity with increased latency and packet loss. This would be affecting Ethernet services from Maidenhead as well as customers accessing web and email services that we host in Maidenhead. Customers are also reporting DNS problems.
25 Aug 2014 22:19:09
Engineers are investigating...
25 Aug 2014 23:33:53
Staff are still working on this. The cause of the problem has been identified and is being worked on.
25 Aug 2014 23:50:13
The problem has been resolved, traffic is now back to normal, we apologise for this inconvenience.
Started 25 Aug 2014 21:45:00
Closed 25 Aug 2014 23:49:30

22 Aug 2014 12:17:37
22 Aug 2014 11:56:10
We have added a new section clarifying engineer visits and missed appointments. The confirms the "point of no return" for rearranging appointments, and clarifies compensation either way when an appointment is missed. We have also added two additional reasons for charging an admin fee (£5+VAT). We hope you think these are reasonable. It is a bit of a shame that such things are necessary. We think it is not fair for such costs to be part of our overheads and so affect the price for everyone else who is being reasonable. 1. If you send us a bogus invoice which we validly reject (e.g. trying to invoice us for a delayed install when we do not guarantee install dates). Also for each further exchange of correspondence on such invoices. 2. If you attempt to take us to ADR when you are not entitled to (e.g. if you have not followed our complaints procedures, or you are a company of more than 10 staff, or you are, or have said you are, a communications provider). We will also charge any fees we end up paying as a result of such an attempt if accepted by the ADR provider. Any questions, please let us know.
Started 22 Aug 2014

15 Aug 2014
12 Aug 2014 08:48:28
The recent router upgrades have now seen some issues (last night). This means we expect to do more upgrades (or downgrades) over the next few days. We'll know more later today. If there are further issues this may end up being done during the day even, but this looks unlikely.
12 Aug 2014 17:42:46
One of the routers showing problems (a.aimless) had a further issue today, and as part of the defensive design of our kit has automatically downgraded to the previous release. We are still investigating the cause of this issue.
14 Aug 2014 17:30:32
We have a much better handle on the problem, and it looks related to "stuff" out on the internet having an unexpected knock-on effect on our routers. We have some plans for further changes that will address this.
Started 12 Aug 2014 08:45:30
Closed 15 Aug 2014
Previously expected 15 Aug 2014

16 Aug 2014
08 Aug 2014 14:33:12
We will be doing some router upgrades over the next week or so. These will usually have little or no disruption, and LNS upgrades will be done over night as usual.
Started 09 Aug 2014
Closed 16 Aug 2014
Previously expected 16 Aug 2014

09 Aug 2014
01 Aug 2014 08:01:24
Many customers have regular payments on 1st of the month and so do not get a separate Direct Debit notice each month. Unfortunately, this month, the system did not run correctly meaning that Direct Debits were not collected today. As such they are being re-notified with the agreed 5 working days notice for collection on 8th or 9th. This should return to normal next month. Sorry for any confusion that may be caused by this.
Started 01 Aug 2014
Closed 09 Aug 2014

19 Jul 2014 13:05:20
19 Jul 2014 12:21:16
There are some ordering issues which we expect to be resolved in a couple of hours, sorry for any inconvenience. Please try later.
19 Jul 2014 12:58:10
If you are trying to do a top-up on Home::1, for now, we suggest changing to auto-topup. This will allow the line to work whilst waiting for top-up to be working again. Once the top up then happens you can change back.
Resolution Work completed
Started 19 Jul 2014 11:20:00
Closed 19 Jul 2014 13:05:20
Previously expected 19 Jul 2014 14:00:00

25 Jun 2014 06:28:18
25 Jun 2014 05:39:05
The minor change last night is still having some issues with some servers being slow, and this is currently impacting VoIP. This is still being working on.
25 Jun 2014 06:07:24
VoIP services starting to work properly again, still not 100% right.
25 Jun 2014 06:15:04
VoIP looking a lot healthier now. Still working on tracking down the poor performance issues.
25 Jun 2014 08:35:02
For more details on what happened, please see https://www.facebook.com/AAISP/posts/673421826086051
Resolution We'll be monitoring this closely during the day.
Started 25 Jun 2014 05:38:24
Closed 25 Jun 2014 06:28:18

24 Jun 2014 20:37:53
24 Jun 2014 18:22:57
We are making a very minor change to database formats, but this has resulted in some unexepected impact on some servers using lots of CPU to effect the change. The upshot is some DNS lookups are stalling causing some disruption especially to access to our servers. The tests we did on the backup/test system did not show this. However the work is almost over and will be back to normal shortly.
24 Jun 2014 19:22:28
The database update really did take a surprisingly long time to complete, but seems to have finished on the clueless now. The slave servers are completing the updates and we took one of the DNS servers that was being sluggish out of replication until this is finished. Sorry for any inconvenience.
24 Jun 2014 20:11:33
One of the commands in the update has replicated and is taking over an hour on some of the servers. This is not normally an issue, but it looks like the older "C" call server may have problems with registered SIP connections as this has now exceeded the normal SIP registration time. The new call server is not reliant on the central database in the same way so should be fine. We don't expect the command to take much longer to complete now, but if you need a work around, register on the new call server (voiceless) and that should be fine.
Resolution The servers have caught up.
Started 24 Jun 2014 18:00:00
Closed 24 Jun 2014 20:37:53
Previously expected 24 Jun 2014 19:00:00

08 Jun 2014 18:53:59
08 Jun 2014 18:53:59
Customers with UK domains registered through us will see a new option on the control pages to "Check .uk". This checks if you are entitled to the corresponding domain directly under .uk (i.e. a shorter domain). From Tuesday customers who are entitled to register the .uk domains can then click a button to copy their existing domain and register the new domain. These new domains and corresponding services are the same price as other normal UK domains. In most cases the new domain is available if you have a domain ending .co.uk, but in a few cases customers with other second level domains are entitled if there was no .co.uk version.
Started 08 Jun 2014 18:00:00
Previously expected 10 Jun 2014 08:00:00

30 Jun 2014 13:49:06
28 May 2014 17:48:23
We're doing some routine router upgrades, and LNS upgrades over the next few days. This should have minimal impact on services.
Started 28 May 2014 17:00:00
Closed 30 Jun 2014 13:49:06
Previously expected 02 Jun 2014

04 Jun 2014 11:00:00
28 May 2014 16:11:35

One of our interconnects in Maidenhead has planned work scheduled for Wednesday 4th June. The interconnect will be taken out of service for around 4 hours. During this time will will routing traffic over our backup link.


What is at risk: Connectivity to services hosted in Maidenhead. (Hosted servers, web, email, VoIP, control page access, Ethernet customers in Maidenhead). General internet connectivity for ADSL, FTTC and Ethernet customers in London will not be affected.

What is the risk? The risk is that during this time access to some services will be affected. That said, we will have backup link in place which will minimise this risk.

Time this is happening: 10pm Wednesday 4th June through to 6am Thursday 5th June, with downtime estimated of 4 hours.

Started 28 May 2014 15:51:03 by AAISP Staff
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16 May 2014 11:21:56
16 May 2014 11:21:56
The status page is once again posting incidents to Facebook and Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/AAISPStatus https://twitter.com/aaisp
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07 May 2014 14:04:43
07 May 2014 13:50:53
Unfortunately our free SMS 'Keyword' service which uses the number 01444666444 has been withdrawn. We would recommend that customers wanting to have an incoming SMS to email or HTTP post to order a number from our ordering system. You can see a list of area codes which support incoming SMS on http://wiki.aa.org.uk/VoIP_-_SMS
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26 Oct 2013 19:00:00
11 Oct 2013 17:12:54
We've fixed a problem with line up/down SMS/email/tweet notifications. This may result in customers receiving old notifications, so please disregard any such historical notifications that you receive.
12 Oct 2013 13:24:43
It looks like the notification system is still a bit broken, with some customers receiving many duplicate notices. We've disabled notifications entirely until we've fixed this. Sorry for any inconvenience.
14 Oct 2013 10:52:12
The notification problem should be fixed now, but please do let support know if you receive any erroneous updates.
Started 11 Oct 2013 17:09:34 by AAISP Staff
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09 Apr 2014 23:00:00
09 Apr 2014 20:02:43

Question: Does the Heartbleed bug affect any AAISP servers?

The answer is that no servers are affected that hold customer data or our aa.net.uk SSL certificate secret key. The control and billing pages, email servers and our ticketing system are all running an unaffected version of openssl.

This doesn't mean that we're running out of date software; we still apply backported security patches to those boxes and plan suitable upgrades in the long term.

Unfortunately, however, we had a single test box that was both affected by the bug and held the CAcert signed certificate that we use for our email services. We are therefore going to revoke that certificate and replace the secret key.

The chances of the key having been leaked are tiny, but we think it is worth this measure as a precaution.

Customers who do not have the CAcert root cert installed may see warnings when they connect to our email services. There is more information here: http://aa.net.uk/cacert.html

Please contact support if you have any questions.

Started 09 Apr 2014 19:40:20 by AAISP Staff
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13 Feb 2014 16:00:00
13 Feb 2014 15:14:54
We are investigating a potential problem with our Maidenhead routers. This should be considered an "at risk" period. Fibre links based in Maidenhead will already have blipped briefly at about 14:55, but we will try to ensure that they do not lose connectivity again.
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03 Apr 2014 15:04:47
01 Apr 2014 08:59:54
As you may be aware the office suffered a break-in in mid March, and as a result we've installed new computers. In a change of direction for A&A we have opted for Windows 8, and are pleased to report that going forward we will only be able to support Windows based devices. Linux and Apple support will be dropped from today. We are also replacing all of our routers with Cisco IOS 14.04.01 based devices so we can deploy Carrier Grade NAT.
01 Apr 2014 13:00:00
Happy April 1st! smiley
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