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MAINTENANCE Assumed Completed VoIP
Jul 10, 03:00 AM (5 days ago)
We're upgrading the software on our VoIP servers, we do not anticipate any problems as customers will be moved off the device before the upgrade happens.

MAINTENANCE Assumed Completed authoritative DNS
authoritative DNS
Jun 03, 10:35 AM (1¼ months ago)

This is only relevant to customers who run their own authoritative DNS servers and use our as an additional nameserver.

Overview: We run a "secondary" DNS service for customers where they run the master DNS server and we are secondary slaves. We have a project underway that involves migrating all our authoritative DNS services to a new platform. As part of this we are needing to disable some of the automation we do for adding and updating the customer's master IP address automatically.

The change: From June 17th, If you run your own master DNS server for your domain(s) and is a slave, if you change the IP address of your master you will need to contact to request us to update our side.

We have more information about our Authoritative DNS project on our Support Site:

MAINTENANCE Assumed Completed SMS
Apr 08, 02:13 PM (3 months ago)
This work has started, but we did not do a planned work as expected it to be seamless. Sadly that was not quite the case today, so this is more detail on what we are planning over the next few weeks. The main thing is, any problems, please tell us right away.
  • Some cosmetic improvements (nicer format phone numbers) in emailed or tooted SMS (done)
  • Additional options (such as forcing the email/toots to be E.123 + format numbers) (done)
  • Additional options for posting JSON to http/https (TODO)
  • Allowing SMS to be relayed (chargeable) to other numbers (done)
  • We already allow multiple targets for a number for SMS (done)
  • Some improvements for 8 bit SMS, which are rare, as we previously treated as latin1, which is not correct (TODO)
  • Some new features for trialling a new SIP2SIM platform (TODO)
  • Improve "visible" format for content in email/toot when special characters are used (e.g. NULL as ␀) (TODO)
The 8 bit data format changes are likely to be the least "backwards compatible" changes, but should not impact anyone as they are not generally encountered. I.e. incoming SMS will rarely (if ever) be 8 bit coded, and when they were, we would get special characters wrong. Similarly, sending 8 bit SMS would only show the expected characters on some older phones, and would be wrong on many others as the specification does not say the character set to use. We will, however, handle NULLs much better, which are relevant for some special use cases.