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TalkTalk DSL Circuits
Nov 30, 12:00 PM (9½ days ago)
26802 / AA26802
    9½ days ago by Andrew

    Over the past couple of months we have seen a very small number of TalkTalk lines not log back in to us after maintenance or outages within the TalkTalk network. In these cases we need to involve TalkTalk staff to manually clear the stuck session.

    The cause of this problem has been down to some of TalkTalk's routers being unable to cope with the high number of reconnects after an outage has been fixed or planned work has been completed.

    To solve this problem, TalkTalk are upgrading the software in these routers. They expect to have updated all their routers within a couple of weeks.


    Due in 11 hours

Nov 22, 03:00 AM (17¾ days ago)
23491 / AA23491
    17¾ days ago by Adrian

    We are upgrading some routers over night again, and we then plan to do a rolling LNS upgrade.

    10½ days ago by Adrian

    We'll be doing some more router upgrades as well over the weekend, and are continuing the rolling LNS updates over night.

    3½ days ago by Adrian

    We are starting a rolling update again tonight (Thursday), and this time it means one LNS will transfer PPP sessions just before midnight rather than in the middle of the night tonight.

    3¼ days ago by Adrian

    We do also expect to re-load the L2TP service endpoint early evening. As usual this should be a matter of a few seconds downtime only.

    3 days ago by Adrian

    A further blip is expected shortly (around 2:15am) on the "N" LNS, and L2TP services.

    3 days ago by Adrian

    It looks like all is well with the new rolling update now, so this will continue now nightly for the next two weeks right up until our change freeze. We'll update this status if we see any further issues, but please let us know right away if you see problems.

Dec 20, 12:00 AM ( In 9¾ days )
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