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Mar 29, 08:46 AM (1¾ days ago)
Mar 28, 02:00 AM (3¼ days ago)
42529 / AA42529
    3¼ days ago by Andrew

    We're seeing low levels of continuous packet loss on CityFibre circuits in Maidenhead (Around 5%). This started at 2AM on Monday.

    1¾ days ago by Andrew

    The timing of the loss correlates with a CityFibre planned OLT software upgrade in the Maidenhead area (Their reference for this work was CHG0073887)... this has been reported to CityFibre.

    23¾ hours ago by Shaun

    CF have found a config issue and are taking steps to fix, update to follow ........

    11 hours ago by Andrew

    CityFibre have scheduled work to to fix their OLT configuration on 18th and 19th April! This is under their reference of CHG0076369. This is not acceptable and we are escalating. We only have a couple of circuits in Maidenhead, but we'd expect all CityFibre circuits in Maidenhead which are connected to the OLTs to all be experiencing 5% packetloss which will be disrupting their internet connections.


    Due in 3 hours

Recently Closed Events:
Mar 30, 10:08 AM (22 hours ago)
Mar 30, 10:00 AM (22¼ hours ago)
Mar 30, 11:00 AM (21¼ hours ago)
42530 / AA42530
    22¼ hours ago by Andrew

    We're investigating connectivity problems.

    22 hours ago by Andrew

    Network is recovering

    21½ hours ago by Andrew

    We are seeing some packet loss on our network again, we're still investigating this.

    21 hours ago by Andrew

    The Network is stable at the moment but the cause of this is still under investigation.

    20¼ hours ago by Andrew

    For information, the problems have occurred for minutes around: 08:55, 10:00, 10:10, 10:30. Customers would have had 'routing' problems during these times - ie problems reaching websites and places on the internet. More information to follow.

    19¾ hours ago by Andrew

    The disruption today has been caused by problems with our 'route servers'. These are BGP routers that manage all our internal and external IP address announcements and routing information for our network - they exchange IP address information between all our LNS routers and our edge transit/peering routers. For resilience, we run two route servers, in separate data-centres. They both exchange routes with all the other routers on our network. Each route server is also physically connected to two network switches.

    The disruptions today were a result of both of our route dropping their Ethernet connections to their switches at a similar time, which caused a BGP sessions to drop which cascaded to the routing problems that were experienced at the time.

    We are still not 100% sure of the cause and investigations are continue. However, later software does manage the Ethernet ports slightly different and at 11:30 we upgraded the software on one of the router servers.

    We are still monitoring the network

    18 hours ago by Andrew

    Network has remained stable since 10:30AM

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